5 Tips to improve yourself without stress

Egbert Haynes
5 Tips to improve yourself without stress

Everyone talks about it: you have to improve yourself to feel better and get everything you want in life, if you don't, you will never be the person you have always wanted to be ... and if it is true that to achieve life of your dreams, you're going to have to go the extra mile and get to the bottom of yourself, but ...

How to do it so that it is a pleasant trip, of reunion with your SELF and not overwhelm yourself too much during the process?

Surpassing yourself is linked to a process of personal development, in which it is advisable to review certain areas of your BEING to deepen them and improve aspects that right now may not be as empowering as they can be to achieve your goal of personal improvement.

To start with this process, I propose these 5 actions that for me are priority and essential, and that you can start from today to start this path of personal self-improvement:


  • Get to know yourself thoroughly
  • Don't be afraid of fear
  • Believe in yourself
  • Do not be impatient
  • Rate your achievements

Get to know yourself thoroughly

Explore yourself and discover who you are; This implies really listening to yourself, listening to your emotions and your thoughts completely and without judging them, only then will you be able to see and know what is inside you, what are your deepest needs and how to satisfy them..

We are dedicated to keeping information for our entire lives and we never stop to review it. Our personal backpack is made of exactly that: our own experiences that define our deepest self, check it and you will know who you really are..

Discover what your beliefs and values ​​are, that which has always guided your path and that defines you as a person. Do you feel that they empower you or take away your strength? If you perceive that your beliefs are not as empowering as you would like, do not hesitate, change them for the ones that will really lead you to the life of your dreams.

Don't be afraid of fear

There are things that we are afraid to do, especially when it comes to facing ourselves and our fears. Do you know that this fear is just a warning so that you can look a little more inside yourself and check what you need to face your life??

Although it seems contradictory, allowing yourself to feel that fear will help you overcome it. Let that fear come and listen to it, you will be surprised by what it is saying to you. Fear is one of the 4 basic emotions and has a biological function as an associated message, that is, it warns you that there is something new in your life that you must face and for which you may not yet have enough resources, but if you do. listen carefully, you will realize what are the resources you need and you will see that many of them are already part of you, and are available to be used right now.

Believe in yourself

If you don't believe in yourself, who is going to do it? Who better than yourself to believe in your own abilities, you know yourself from the inside and you know what you are capable of and what you are not capable of. Value yourself and begin to become aware of your capabilities, this will help you to believe more in yourself and in what you can contribute to the world.

It is important that you become aware that your own engine is you, it cannot be your family, your partner, or your boss. The only person responsible for your assessment is you, allow yourself to be who you want to be and help yourself in your own personal development, that will make you gain self-esteem and you will see yourself as someone capable of everything..

Do not be impatient

The processes of change are slow and take some time, do not demand something from yourself that you cannot fulfill quickly, understand that you have to go little by little and let your inner SELF flow naturally, without conditions and from love to yourself.

It usually happens with personal development processes, which are like the screens of a video game, when you go through a phase, another is uncovered, and the truth is much more comfortable like this, think that doing everything at once can be exhausting and a bit blocking, with which accept your own rhythm and go through screens little by little, follow your intuition she knows the way.

Rate your achievements

Although development processes are slow and require some dedication, a good trick to feel reassured is to assess the results you get. It is clear that in a couple of weeks the miracle will not happen, but you will be able to see how there are changes in you and in your life.

Become aware of these changes, write them down and post them in a visible place in your home. Thank yourself every day for your work and your dedication. If you continue at a good pace, in a few months your life will never be the same as before, and you will be able to gradually become aware of all the things you are capable of doing..

I hope these 5 tips help you start this process of personal development, change and self-improvement, life is lived with a broader perspective if you are fully aware of yourself, your capabilities and your areas of improvement.

A hug and keep looking for your own way, rest assured that you will find it.

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