6 poems of 8 stanzas

Basil Manning

The eight-stanza poems are lyrical compositions whose structure consists of eight parts with metric verses and varied rhymes to suit the author. It is possible to work with single verses or without rhyme and with sparse meter.

These can be made to be sung or recited, depending on the purpose of the writer and the number of verses in each stanza will also depend on the poet..

The 8-line poems are an excellent teaching and learning resource. Source: pixabay.com.

They are a great pedagogical resource applicable to any area of ​​knowledge and at any level of education; it is enough only to have full knowledge of what you want to teach.

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  • 1 List of 8-stanza poems
    • 1.1 The 2-line cart
    • 1.2 The 3-line bicycle
    • 1.3 The frog with four lines
    • 1.4 The house of five verses
    • 1.5 The journey of six verses
    • 1.6 Back to the four verses and eight stanzas
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List of 8-stanza poems

The 2-line cart


The cart of two verses

he is happy and playful.


With his lines he goes and declaims

a poem to the heart.


If you take a good look at the wheels

many rhymes you will find.


The cart of two verses

run and run nonstop.


Yesterday I was going by my house

and a smiling car passed.


When I turned around I saw the cart,

fast and smart.


Hope i see it tomorrow

I want to laugh again.


What a beautiful cart

the cart of two verses.

The 3-verse bicycle


Today I got up early

to run my bike

to be fit and healthy.


By carelessness I saw something

written on the steering wheel,

and it left me thinking.


"Bicycle of three verses,

that's my name,

and my pedals are very smooth ".


Well it turns out that the bike,

had his own name,

Who would say, oh man!


Since then I speak to him

and I call her what she is

so that it feels good.


My three-verse bicycle

it's fast and fun

and it makes my life happy.


Running her is a pleasure

which is worth one, two and three

like the verses of his being.

The four-line frog


I recently went to the pond

and there I saw a cute little frog,

he was green and very small

and jumped forward.


He called me with his croak,

and I approached carefully,

and told me in my mind:

"Four verses I know how to sing".


I was impressed,

what a strange thing,

than a reed frog

say that to a human.


What verses do you sing,

my dear green toad? ",

I asked the batrachian,

looking at his holy mouth.


I sing a honey colored verse,

which is very sweet, and it is very fine ",

said the pine colored toad,

very confident in me and him.


That sounds interesting,

oh, little frog, king of the green,

that you go to the grass, you get lost,

like water and diamond.


Sing, toad, for me,

your candy verses,

I want to hear your rhyme to heaven,

your poem rich in itself.


"I here sing to the human,

these verses of water and river,

sweet, good against the cold,

to make us more brothers.

The house of five verses


My mom bought a house,

very wide and very beautiful,

full of everything:

there are shelves, tables, cups,

and a vase with pretty roses.


I walk it every day

appreciating its beauty,

in the front there is no weed,

and my aunt lives next door,

how curious, who would say.


Yesterday i saw a room,

wide, big and dark,

with a tall mirror,

on the roof a heart,

and a very, very hard bed.


His curtains were white,

its turquoise blue walls,

there was a certain delicacy

on its two gray benches,

decorated with strawberries.


I liked that place,

it was something mysterious,

and how I was curious

I checked without hesitation

and I found something like no other.


There was a letter in the corner,

behind a big vase,

it was in a brown envelope,

it had a very fine handwriting

and five verses to the sound.


I was very intrigued

seeing the poem itself,

so i went and read it,

and it was to my liking,

its lyrics read like this:


"This house was my home,

I lived in it blissfully,

I had a coat, I had waiters,

I could love my family,

I was happy, to give everything ".

The six-verse journey


Yesterday we went on a trip

to know the whole world,

we went, it was very pleasant,

every place and place,

I was wearing a white suit

and with a barber hat.


We saw many beautiful things,

houses, roads and roses,

wonderful people

that they talked to each other

walking through those

wide silent streets.


We also saw animals,

dogs, cats and rabbits,

in the sea we saw crabs,

jackals in the desert,

we saw deadly snakes

in the mountains, in the distance.


On the beach, fishermen,

big and small boats,

children playing between dreams,

there were also swimmers,

and multi-colored fish

laughing colors.


There was a circus on the track

and we decided to enter

and we could appreciate

to the magician, miss Maria,

that many tricks knew

and I could also sing.


The cinema could not be absent,

so we went in to see,

there were rooms everywhere,

movies at full throttle;

of joy I wanted to sing

with the joy of my being.


The most beautiful of the trip,

is that I wrote six verses,

cute, soft, smooth,

inspired by the landscape,

in every beautiful place

where we were immersed.


"Impossible not to write

everything lived here,

we saw birds with their nests,

people of noble feeling,

we don't stop laughing,

with all our senses ".

Back to the four verses and eight stanzas


So far we have come,

eight stanzas, four verses,

of letters, of universes,

that little by little they have spun.


Everything can be poetry,

just writing is enough

what can you feel

by night as by day.


Rhyme helps in loudness,

the metric makes sense,

and everything transmitted

it is left to humanity.


It is very easy to teach

if poetry is used

the child learns with joy,

and is encouraged to sing.


The adult does not stay,

it is also encouraged

and is that if something rhymes

infects everyone who can.


Verse is school

that everyone goes and catches

of letters is a map

What does grandmother learn?.


I write for pleasure,

because poetry fills me

it springs up in every vein

and it makes me a better being.


With this I say goodbye,

I hope to be helpful,

if there is any doubt,

ask, yes? I ask you.


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