Insecurity and vulnerability, an emotional problem

David Holt
Insecurity and vulnerability, an emotional problem

Insecurity is one of the main causes of many of the emotional problems that we deal with on a day-to-day basis. This makes us especially vulnerable to conflict and unforeseen events. Let's see in depth how it affects us.

Why the insecurity occurs

First of all, we are going to describe what exactly insecurity is and we are going to learn more about the factors that determine it. This feeling is determined mainly by educational factors.

Insecurity is a characteristic of the personality that can do a lot of damage to those who feel it. People who are insecure are afraid when making decisions and in many cases feel unable to solve their problems.

It is an emotional complex at a cognitive level that causes harmful behavior for oneself. This causes distortion of the opinion that he has about himself and that he doubts his own abilities.

All this makes the person feel especially vulnerable to problems and that they do not properly face situations that generate uncertainty. This leads to problems such as anxiety.

The fear of being wrong is one of the greatest fears of insecure people. This gives rise to a passive attitude towards life that can lead to more problems, since it prevents them from developing and moving forward..

Insecure people put limits on themselves when it comes to evolving and growing in the different areas of their life. All this entails an emotional discomfort that can also generate problems of sadness, anxiety and depression.

Emotional insecurity affects negatively. The first of the consequences is that the person suffers from greater vulnerability, so it is easier for problems to end up affecting them in a more pronounced way.

What is known as avoidance behavior will also be generated. This translates into the avoidance of problems, even leading to the denial of these at the time they appear. As this problem grows, so does the anxiety to solve them.

It is an attitude that is fed back, so that our perception of ourselves deteriorates more and more and we feed the feeling of failure. This is one of the worst consequences of emotional insecurity.

How to work on emotional security

Although most people think that insecurity cannot be changed, the reality is that it is a characteristic that is the consequence of a number of educational factors. Security, therefore, is something that is acquired and that can be worked on.

The first thing we must bear in mind is that each step forward in favor of emotional security is a gain for our own self-esteem. It is something that we will internalize little by little.

As we make the right decisions, we will see how we evolve and how our own experience will make us gain confidence in ourselves..

Solving problems will make us feel stronger and stronger and the feeling of vulnerability will disappear. That is, once we face a problem and see that we are capable of solving it, we will see that we have the capacity to do it and we will feel more secure in similar situations..

To work on self-confidence, there are exercises that we can do. Putting our defects and virtues on paper is one of the exercises that we can carry out to get to know ourselves better and detect our weaknesses.

In this sense, self-knowledge will be an ally to work on security in ourselves. Knowing our defects and seeing in what situations they usually occur, will allow us to detect them when they appear to face them more consciously.

Another issue that is very important is acceptance. We must know that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, so we have to know what ours are and accept them..

This does not mean that we do not work on them, but we do have to know how to forgive ourselves and not be martyred when things do not go as we expected or wanted. If this happens, the healthy thing is to analyze what has led us to make that mistake, close the page and move on.

This should not prevent us from making decisions again. And the worst thing that can happen to us is precisely that: not making decisions and leaving our lives in the hands of chance and the decisions of others. Therefore, we have to take responsibility for our own life..

As you may have seen, emotional insecurity is a problem that can greatly limit us in our daily lives. Therefore, if you detect that you have a problem of this type, we recommend that you work to overcome it, since only then will you be able to face life's difficulties with integrity..

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