The 10 Animals that Start with H Most Relevant

Egbert Haynes

Between the animals that start with the letter H Tit may be mentioned, ants, ferrets, hyenas, hawks, hamsters, hippos and seahorses. Among these animals it is possible to find very large species and other very small ones..

Of all these, the hippocampus stands out, a mixture of two species and a marine inhabitant mentioned in Greek mythology. In this it is stated that the hippocampus was the animal that moved the chariot of the Greek god Poseidon.

It also highlights the hamster, a rodent very loved in homes and that has become a pet for children.

Another large animal in this classification is the hippopotamus, a gigantic being that, although it seems tame, has caused many deaths to humans.

Most important animals that start with H

1- Blue tit

It is a small bird that does not exceed 12 cm. It is characterized by having a very short and reduced beak, but very effective in removing its food from narrow grooves..

The tit is very popular in Europe. Its typical coloration, an intense cobalt blue, distinguishes it from other birds.

Also quite distinctive is the pompadour or plume of feathers on the head. He is very restless and is in constant motion.

2- Ant


One of the smallest animals on Earth, it is an insect that has stood out as one of the hardest workers in nature..

His ability to steal food and penetrate the most unusual places make him one of the best examples of teamwork. There are many varieties and their reproduction is extensive, that is why they are found everywhere.

They have an amazing social organization led by a queen, with common workers and the male ant that only has to fertilize the queen so that she lays thousands of eggs..

3- Ferret

It is a domestic animal similar to a cat, quite sociable if from birth it gets used to contact with other humans or pets.

At first they were trained to prevent the proliferation of rabbits that killed the crops. They have subsequently been domesticated so that they can live in homes.

As pets they are very sociable, they play and have fun with people, but they must be watched so that they do not hurt themselves because they have a lot of agility and tend to get into tight places.

4- Hyena

It is a small wild mammal that feeds on decomposed animals. Its strong teeth and jaws allow it to chew the bones of dead animals.

They do not hunt on their own if they find remains that other hunters have left behind. They are very fast to run and their great sense of smell leads them to food.

5- Falcon

It is a hunting bird with a great ability to fly and an exceptional sight that allows it to see its prey from the air.

It has pointed wings and a streamlined body that enables it to fly long distances at high speed.

6- hamster


Of the rodent species, the hamster is a small animal that has become a funny pet for children and adults.

Its name means “store” in German, and it is so called because it stores food on its cheeks, which it then deposits in its burrow to eat later. He is usually affectionate with people and that is why he is highly appreciated.

7- Hippo

With a size that inspires respect, the hippopotamus is a species that lives in regions of Africa where there are humid areas, because they need to be in the water or in the mud.

Despite their physical build, they can run with some speed, and when they get aggressive they are very dangerous and violent. They are among the animals that have done the most damage to humans.

8- Hippocampus


Better known as a seahorse, it is a marine fish with a history linked to mythology. According to this it is said that the hippocampus was a mixture of horse and fish that had a lot to do with the Greek gods. 

Some legends indicate that it was a sea monster, although others say that it rescued shipwrecks.

At present, the seahorse draws attention for having mixed features of several animals, and for the fact that the female deposits her fertilized eggs in the male's bag and this is the one who incubates them..

9- Huemul

Mammal of the same family as deer or deer that are distributed throughout the Andes of Chile and Argentina, making it the southernmost deer on the planet.

It is in danger of extinction because it has been a reason for hunting and because it was considered a threat to the practice of certain human activities.

It can reach 165 cm long and weigh up to 100 kg in the case of males. It is herbivorous and stands out for its dense beige or brown fur..

10- Hornero

Singing bird located in South America (mainly Venezuela, Argentina and Colombia). It is a small species whose main feature is the way it builds its nest. This can weigh up to 5 kg and, its density and hardness is such that it is known as a mud nest.


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