The 5 Main Ollantay Characters

Jonah Lester

The Ollantay characters they are presented in a context where the discourse of love and the narrative on nation-building are intimately connected. This anonymous play dates from the late 18th century, being the first important work written in the Quechua language..

The story tells of a romantic intrigue between the hero and his beloved maiden, based on a pro-conquest legend. The manuscript of the work was found among the papers of a mestizo priest, Antonio Valdés, after his death.

One of its distinctive features is that it ends on a note of political harmony within the Inca state: the brother and his brother-in-law share the kingdom at the end..

List of characters from the play 'Ollantay'

1- Ollantay, the hero

Ollantay was a general of the kingdom ruled by Pachacútec. He was characterized by being honest, fair, brave, and faithful to the emperor.

However, being a commoner, he fell in love with the ruler's daughter, breaking one of the most important laws of Tahuantisuyo (the Inca Empire).

The warrior wants to marry his beloved Cusi Coyllur, who is pregnant. They marry in secret, but he is exiled and spends many years without knowing about his daughter and his beloved.

Furthermore, after being deceived, he is taken along with his men to be executed, but they are eventually pardoned. Finally, Ollantay reunites with his royal family and is allowed to marry Coyllur..

2- The maiden Cusi Coyllur

Cusi Coyllur is the daughter of the Inca Pachacútec. It has a passive character, contrasting with the actions of the hero of the story. As a daughter she is docile, but as a lover she is passionate.

His father denies him the possibility of marrying and does not oppose the punishment that he imposed on him. Cusi Coyllur spends ten years confined in a dungeon in the Temple of the Virgins of the Sun.

There she gives birth to her daughter, the fruit of forbidden love, and they take her away to be raised by priestesses. In the end, he reunites with Ollantay and his daughter.

3- Pachacútec

Pachacutec is the emperor and father of Cusi Coyllur and Tupac Yupanqui. He could be magnanimous, but also cruel.

When Ollantay asks for his consent to marry his daughter, he sends her to the dungeon in the Temple of the Virgins of the Sun. Upon his death, he is succeeded by Tupac Yupanqui.

4- General Ruminawi

General Ruminawi was determined to defeat Ollantay. So, he tricks him into believing that he was on his side. Once admitted to the fortress, he lets in the emperor's army at night while the weary rebels were sleeping.

The general takes Ollantay and his men prisoner, and leads them in chains to the capital.

5- Tupac Yupanqui

Tupac Yupanqui is the son of Pachacutec, becoming the new Inca leader when his father died. When he was brought before him, Ollantay tells him that he had not fought against his father, but against the law that says that gods and people cannot touch..

Although the young Inca thought that the laws were what had held the empire together, he agreed with Ollantay that Inca strength came from faith and courage..

The new Inca returns the titles of Ollantay and gives him the freedom to officially live with Cusi Coyllur and his daughter.


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