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A nexus is a word that grammatically connects one phrase with another in order to bring two ideas together to give coherence and meaning to a text. In other words, the nexus serves to link or join two words or sentences. Example: Maria started reading Y Juan went to sleep.

Etymologically, the word nexus comes from the Latin word nexus, which is translated as bond or union. Hence, it is used to link sentences with special terms that fulfill the function of coordinating ideas or of attaching one sentence to another that has less importance..

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Now, the links can be of various types according to the meaning that is given to what is expressed. Therefore, the following varieties are known: conditional, copulative, final, causal, adversative, comparative, of mode, of place, of time, concessive, explanatory and disjunctive.

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Types of links


This type of link is used to express a condition or circumstance within a sentence. Some of them are: yes, if not, on condition that, but yes, provided, as long as, provided, unless, on the assumption that or only with.


They are used to indicate the sum of two or more elements within the sentence or phrase. The most common are: ni, y, e, que.


This variety of links is applied to indicate the purpose of a thing. Among them are: with a view to what, in order for, for what, purpose, objective, object, purpose, intention that, among others.


The usefulness of these links is to point out the cause that produced a specific action or reaction. Some of them are: because, since, since, well, in view of that, seen that, however.


Adverse links are used to indicate opposing or opposing ideas. The best known are: but, although, nevertheless, although, on the contrary, more, nevertheless, but, except that, except that.


Its purpose is to make comparisons between two or more elements. The most common are: such as, better than, equal to, worse than, as, more than, equal to, less than.


Through these links, the way in which the action was carried out is exposed. The most frequent are: as, as, as, as, as, well, in this way, among others.

Of place

These links are used to locate the action. Among them are: where, from where, where, where, wherever, from where and to where.

Of time

These links indicate the moment when the action was carried out. The most common are: while, when, before, and after.


This variety of links indicates that even if an action presents conditions to be carried out, it can continue. The following are the most common: although, well that, even though, despite the fact that, and despite the fact that.


The explanatory links are used to deepen or describe an idea or approaches. The most common are: that is, that is, and this is.


The purpose of these links is to indicate some type of choice, option or choice. Among the most common are: o, u, or.

Examples of sentences with links

Grammatical links allow linking ideas to give greater strength and logic to a speech. Source:

- I went to the theater with Mariana Y Lewis.

- Joaquín likes ice cream, However prefer the milkshake.

- Juan, what do you like the most apple or the pear?

- My parents bought a house more bigger than the previous one.

- The company must pay the taxes in order to avoid its closure.

- The foal grew so tall What his father.

- You did your best, so everything will be fine.

- The party is where Ana and Manuel met.

- It started to rain when I arrived at the office.

- The pineapple cake was tasty, even if I like the chocolate one more.

- I like the color of the dress, but It does not quite fit me.

- I'm not going to the field Yes it comes to rain.

- Sara and I are not going to the game because We have to work.

- Alberto bought the meat What you indicated.

- My friends and I went to dinner soon of the theater function.

- The children paid attention While the teacher explained the experiment.

- José took the trip like It will not matter.

- Neither your neither nobody tell me what to do.

- You have to choose between the red shoes or The whites.

- The teacher will not teach for a week according reported the director.

- My friends didn't buy the tickets, that way that they will not go to the concert.

- The girl ate dessert before lunch.

- Pedro lowered the volume of the music what for the neighbors won't wake up.

- To the grandmother like what he did not like the surprise party.

- My children are on vacation where your aunt.

- Antonio couldn't buy the car, as spent part of the money.

- The baby was so cute what everyone wanted to load it.

- The streets are flooded, namely, there is no step.

- The bus passed where live david.

- The technician left the computer worst than how was it.

- Miguel said he would come, Conversely, did not show up.

- The athlete trained less than In the past week.

- I'm going to the beach, but yes my friends can go.

- Eat all the food, but, no sweets.

- I bought a lot of fruits with a view to what lasts for several days.

- Rosa, Carlos and Ines did well in the exam.

- You didn't tidy up your room, so you don't go out for a bike ride.

- Pedro did not go to training, since he is sick.

- Students did not study for the exam, Nevertheless they got bad grades.

- The neighbor's dog is same bigger than mine.

- Classes end tomorrow, such as it was announced by the minister.

- They went out after you.

- Bad weather won't ruin our trip, good that we work to do it.

- There is no public lighting, this is due to lack of budget.

- I came to the meeting prior to the scheduled time.

- Ideally, the situation is discussed personally.

- Dr. Pérez was the one who attended me last appointment.

- The author of the book is the one being interviewed on the radio.

- The math book whose author is Professor López is very good.

- Credit debt, whose origin is due to poor organization, must be restructured.

- The clothes, whose owner is in my house, will be ironed.

- The English class, whose teacher is American, is 180 minutes per week.

- You went to the school where I studied.

- Laws are debated and approved in Parliament.

The house is finished and Ingrid is ready to move in.


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