Esdrújulas words how they are accented and examples

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Esdrújulas words how they are accented and examples

The esdrújulas words are those that have the accent on the third to last syllable. Another way of explaining it is that in these words the greatest intensity of pronunciation falls on the third to last syllable. As a general rule, they are all characterized by having an accent or graphic accent (').

Examples of esdrújulas words are teyouphone, parasubway, wildebeestmere antibióTico, satealite, ceramica, to name a few. As can be seen, the words esdrújulas must be composed of at least three syllables.

The words esdrújulas (also called proparoxytones) are those that carry the accent on the third to last syllable. Source:

The accentuation of these types of words is not subject to as many rules as the treble and bass. The words esdrújulas do not abound as much in the Spanish language as the serious and the acute ones. Perhaps that is why its generalized norm of accentuation.

It is important to note that there are some exceptions that will be explained later..

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How are the words esdrújulas accentuated?

Examples of esdrújulas words

Esdrújulas words are those that have the highest pronunciation in the penultimate syllable, counting from right to left. As for their accentuation, they always carry the accent, therefore their accent is prosodic and graphic.

To broaden the idea of ​​accentuation of esdrújulas words, it can be said that in spoken language there is greater emphasis on pronunciation and intonation on the antepenultimate syllable. While in written language the accent is marked with the call tilde (').

Exception to the rule

Although the words esdrújulas always carry an accent, there is a rule that is the exception.

These are the esdrújulas words that work as adverbs and end in “mind”. In these cases, the accent is deleted and the accentuation of the adjective that gave rise to it is left. Example: swift (swiftly).

On the contrary, there are some compound words that are formed by the suffix "mind" to which a tilde is placed because the adjective that integrates them carries the graphic accent ('). Such is the case of belatedly, politely, commonly, to name a few.

Esdrújulas ending in “ísimo” and “érrimo”

The words known as superlatives and which in turn are formed by the suffixes “ísimo” and “érrimo” are considered esdrújulas. This means that a tilde is placed on the third to last syllable regardless of where the adjective has the accentuation. Example: famous-famous; easy-very easy.

With unstressed pronoun

In this case, the verbs to which an unstressed pronoun is added, either le, la, lo, se, te, nos, me, among others, are given a tilde and therefore become esdrújulas words.

This formation of a verb with this type of pronoun is called enclitic. Example: take-take him; remember-remember.

Examples of esdrújulas words

By the letter "a"

- Antibiotic, arabic, aromatic, athletic, abacus, academic, aphonic, latin, angle, trees, aquatic, analytical, unfriendly, apocryphal, dressing.

- Apostrophe, Abbreviation, Apse, Acolyte, Acronym, Acrostic, Acute, Agate, Agnostic, Agonic, Eagle, Agricultural, Alphabetic, Algebra, Algid.

- Alien, anatomical, anemic, anorexic, amphora, antagonistic, antidote, antelope, unfriendly, antonym, cannibalistic, anthropomorphic, stateless.

- Apocope, arachnid, area, arithmetic, aromatic, archaeologist, arctic, arthropod, ascorbic, rough, athletic, astragalus, atmosphere, golden, automaton, mite, acrat, let us know.

By the letter "b"

- Balsam, baritone, poultry, basic, welcome, warlike, binocular, biped, binnacle, pen, british, bulimic, quest, boomerang, broccoli, staff, barbarian, article, biblical, bifid.

By the letter "c"

- Cell, Circle, Copula, Chambers, Catastrophe, Famous, Classic, Comic, Spouse, Ceramic, Centimeter, Dial, Chaotic, Warm, Chronicles, Cambrian, Candid.

- Pitcher, hemp, chaotic, icicles, caloric, carboniferous, gullies, prisons, blue, cardigan, meat, carpetovetonic, cartographer, caspita.

- Professor, cathodic, catholic, caustic, cephalic, zephyr, celiac, centripetal, cetacean, cyclops, cyclothymic, swamp, zither, chlamid, coleopteran, commitee, accomplice, conical, cornea.

- Crapula, credit, cretaceous, crotalus, fortieth, ulna, cluster, marigold, chant, inlay, shell, caucasian, caveman, hundredth, central, zither, colic, cosmic, cabal.

By the letter "d"

- Deposit, drastic, deficit, dalmatian, decapod, decrepit, decubitus, maze, demerit, gift, demographic, toothpaste, dermatologist, dermal.

- Despotic, diabolical, diabolo, deacon, dialectic, diaspora, dioxide, disciple, decade, decalogue, 19th century, depot, deacon, dictum, umlaut, wayward, drastic, dramatic, tell me, fall asleep.

By the letter "e"

- Statistical, Economic, Army, Ecological, Ecstatic, Skeptical, Scrawny, Unequivocal, Economic, Ephemeris, Elastic, Electric, Electronic, Elven, Elliptical.

- Elyseus, endemic, aeolian, eschatological, scruple, scrawny, spherical, esophagus, spasmodic, spatula, spectacle, skeletal, statistical, bizarre.

- Crashing, swastika, etc., exegete, foundling, epic, ergastula, erratic, scandal, sdrújula, aesthetic, din, ethical, aesthetic.

By the letter "f"

- Fanatic, fantastic, physical, phonetic, foreign, fable, factual, phallic, famished, phanerogam, farinaceous, pharmacist, phanerogam, fascicle, febrifuge.

- Fetid, physiognomic, folic, foreign, phosphorus, photosynthesis, starch, female, coffin, philosopher, physics, fistula, formula, furuncle.

By the letter "g"

- Geographical, geological, graphic, gramophone, small group, globule, gluteal, gauge, gargoyle, gandara, gastric, gondola.

By the letter "h"

- Heptagon, Heraldic, Herculean, Heuristic, Hexagon, Hydraulic, Heterogeneous, Homogeneous, Humorous, Humanistic, Hippodrome, Hero, Hypocrite, Hippopotamus, Humorous, Hieratic, Hydrogen, Equestrian.

By the letter "i"

- Identical, idol, suitable, flame retardant, fearless, wireless, incubus, intrinsic, infamous, isosceles, computer, inhospitable, implicit, index, unpublished.

By the letter "j"

- Jurassic, jícara, jíbaro, ionic, jubilation.

By the letter "k"

- Kilometer, kilometer, karate.

By the letter "l"

- Logical, logic, linguistics, tear, foil, lamp, whip, silt, legitimate, lexicon, gloomy, logic, lucuma,

By the letter "m"

- Mask, mathematical, capital, maximum, mechanical, dune, medical, melancholic, wednesday, minimum, mucura, multiple, muscle, machine.

- Macula, magical, millimeter, maritime, marble, majestic, corbel, melodic, messianic, malevolent, mammal, microphone, miserable, model, molecule, morbid, mustelid.

By the letter "n"

- Nausea, novelistic, numismatic, nanometer, medlar, nodule, nomadic, nouple, numeric, ñácara, ñángara, numbers,

By the letter "o"

- Oracle, orchid, osculus, oxygen, pale, opal, opera, optical, optimal, dreamlike, birthday, opal, optimal, oracle, ordago, obyx, ojiplático, oil, oxygen, obstacle, ocean, orthographic.

By the letter "p"      

- Pathogenic, pragmatic, practical, paleolithic, palindrome, hunch, parenthesis, pathetic, patronymic, pecora, pendulum, loss, oil, rogue, banana, potion, policy, gunpowder, proparoxytone.

- Public, Fivefold, Page, Gunpowder, Bird, Film, Pale, Parenthesis, Psychic, Rogue, Penultimate, Pyramids, Plastic, Parson, Branch, Pancreas.

- Pamphilus, paralysis, wasteland, parasynthetic, parasite, parish priest, peduncle, pelican, portico, fainthearted, get ready.

By the letter "q"

- Chemistry, chimerical, Querétaro, chemical.

By the letter "r"

- Romantic, Lightning, Rectangle, Ridiculous, Secluded, Recipe, Patella, Arugula, Radish, Radish, Secluded, Branches, Rhetoric, Romanesque, Rubric, Runic, Rustic, Fast.

By the letter "s"

- Sadistic, sheet, salic, sandalwood, sanskrit, sarcastic, sardonic, satyr, satrap, silurian, semantic, sepal, seventh, synchronous, syndrome, solicitous.

- Soviet, minion, succubus, supplication, sulfuric, saturday, entourage, sympathetic, synthetic, sarcastic, satellites, sepal, sympathetic, satanic.

By the letter "t"

- Tentacles, telephone, term, thermal, earth, puppet, tonic, tuber, earthling, robe, technique, tentacle, triptych, tannic.

- Tantalum, tantric, tarantula, tartar, telluric, consumptive, titanic, torrid.

By the letter "u"

- Ultimate, unanimous, unison, uric, unanimous, unique, uterus, utopian, ulcer.

By the letter "v"

- Viper, vomit, vertigo, vertex, vertex, viral, vortex, vandal, valid, valve, vandal, vandal, varix, velodrome, vertex, victim, vortex.

By the letter "x"

- Xenophobe, xylophone.

By the letter "z"

- Drone, Socket, Hummingbird, Zodiac.


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