Newspaper mural parts, how to do it and types

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Newspaper mural parts, how to do it and types

The Mural newspaper It is a means of communication that is fixed or made on a wall or near a visible wall, so that all who pass through that space can read it. The parts of the bulletin board may vary, since its composition depends on the set of ideas that those who carry it out have..

Information is presented in the bulletin board in an attractive way for users. Easy to understand images, graphics and texts are used for this. It is usually used as a didactic resource since it allows to enhance the teaching-learning process.

Wall newspaper of the Mexican Revolution. Source:

Consequently, it is used to publicize content of interest to the educational community. The topics commonly presented in wall newspapers are: ephemeris, traditions, school news and art.

Now, it is necessary to take into account the type of font, the size of the images, the colors and the amount of text to use when developing a theme in order to follow a thematic sequence and take care of its aesthetics..

Parts of the bulletin board

Wall newspaper for the month of February. Source:

The wall newspaper is made up of the following parts:

- Qualification

It is the name that the wall newspaper bears, it is usually related to the central theme of the same.

- Editorial

It is the presentation of the wall newspaper. The editorial briefly specifies the information that will be developed in it. It also includes information on those who have contributed to its creation..

- News

This part of the bulletin board is the space dedicated to the development of local, regional, national and world news related to the central theme.

- Ephemeris

In this part of the wall newspaper, reminders of national dates are made. Usually it is briefly explained what is celebrated that day and what is its origin.

The presentation of the ephemeris encourages interest in the study of history.

- Sections

Like all the written press, the wall newspaper separates the content into sections.

The sections vary according to the interests of those who carry it out and the community to which it is directed. It can have the following sections:

Social section

This section is dedicated to news related to community members (teachers, students, among others).

In it you can publish the list of students with the best academic record, the achievements of teachers within the educational community, the contributions made to the institution, events, among others..

Sport section

This section presents news related to sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball, among others).

Culture section

This section presents the news related to culture at the local, regional, national and international levels..

Topics are usually developed that are of interest to the community and provide educational value (the most common are theater, literature, music and art).

Entertainment section

The entertainment section is made up of jokes, cartoons, games (crosswords, Sudoku, among others), and on some occasions they include entertainment news that are related to the central theme of the newspaper.

- Notices

In this part of the bulletin board, announcements of importance to the community are published, such as:

1-The presentation of a play or a musical.

2-Delivery of ballots.

3-Meeting of parents and representatives.

4-Congratulations on birthday.

5-Meeting of teachers and administrative staff.

6-Calendars of sporting events.

7-Calendar of activities for the celebration of the week of the Educational Unit.

8-It is important to indicate the date, time and place where the activity will take place.

Steps to follow for the elaboration of a bulletin board

Wall newspaper for the month of April. Source:

1-Select and define the topic.

2-Collect and classify the information.

3-Design a draft of the bulletin board.

4-Determine the materials to use.

5-Make a selection of images and graphics (they must be according to the size of the wall newspaper).

6-Choose the size and font to use in the titles, subtitles and content of the bulletin board (the aesthetics and legibility of the same must be taken care of).

7-Choose the colors to use in the newspaper.

8-Make a draft with the news and present it to the teacher or to the person in charge of the preparation and correction of the newspaper, in order to present it without errors.

9-Assign a role to each person who participates in the preparation of the newspaper (divide the tasks).

Contributions of the bulletin board to the educational community

1-Encourage teamwork and cooperation.

2-Strengthens the research, analysis and synthesis skills of students.

3-Encourage learning.

4-Strengthen the writing skills and literary composition of students.

5-Strengthens the teacher-student relationship.

6-Facilitates access to information (all members of the educational community have access to the content displayed in the bulletin board).

7-Promotes a sense of belonging.

Types of wall newspapers

Wall newspapers are classified according to their content and according to their form.

- According to its content

Informational wall newspapers

Their main function is to present informative articles (news, reminders, among others).

Pedagogical wall newspapers

Topics strictly related to the educational field are developed. Its function is to promote the teaching-learning process.

Monographic wall newspapers

The news presented in this type of newspaper is made on a single topic. To do this, they look for documentary information (texts and images).

- According to its shape

Wall or wall type

It is the one made directly on a wall or on a surface that can be adhered to it (bond paper, cardboard, anime, among others).

Screen type

This type of wall newspaper has the shape of a screen (a structure made up of panels joined in an accordion shape).

The materials used to make this type of newspaper are: wood, mdf, papier-mâché or any other resistant material.

This type of newspaper has a great advantage, since it can be easily stored and the structure can be reused..

There are also wall newspapers in the shape of a cylinder, in the shape of a prism and with boards on easels..


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