10 Duties of Children at Home to Help

Sherman Hoover
10 Duties of Children at Home to Help

Involve the children in homework and household chores it is a means by which they can learn and develop various aspects of family and social life, such as solidarity, teamwork and responsibility, in addition to acquiring multiple skills necessary for life.

Sometimes we can be surprised by the things that children can do at a very young age, even when they are not yet in school, which is why it is of great benefit to channel all those capacities and energy to obtain a common good, something that benefits each member of the family.

It is important for parents to motivate their children to help with household chores. For this it is necessary, first of all, to choose activities according to age, in such a way that they are not too complicated (which can be frustrating for the child) or so easy that they consider them boring.

Second, parents should encourage their children to fulfill their assigned tasks by expressing their gratitude at all times, as well as letting them know that their help is valuable and important to the family..

Another important detail is that children begin to collaborate with household duties from an early age. Obviously, easy and simple tasks will be assigned to the little ones and the complexity and importance will increase as they grow..

Also, children like to know how to do things. Involving them in everyday activities around the house is a great opportunity both to tap into their curiosity and to get a little help around the house. The key is to include a little fun to get their cooperation..

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10 chores kids can help with

1- Take out the garbage

It is an activity that the older ones can do. Already from the age of 7 they can collaborate with taking the garbage to the external container every time the bin is full.

As an incentive for them not to forget their homework, they can be rewarded in some way (but not money) for taking out the most trash.

2- Fill the water jugs

It is a task that they can do as long as the jugs are made of plastic or another material different from glass, which can break and be a danger to children. It is suitable for ages from 8 years.

3- Fold clean clothes

Children between 3 and 5 years old can help fold laundry that has been washed, especially towels and other easy-to-handle items..

To make the task more interesting and fun, they can be asked to sort the clothes by type, color, or classify them according to their owner. It is an easy and didactic way for them to learn the colors and names of each thing.

4- Keep your room tidy

From the age of 7, children are already able to take responsibility for keeping the objects in their room in order.

5- Pick up their toys

Children between 2 and 3 years old are already able to understand that they should pick up their toys after playing. In general, it can be used to teach them to put away any object when they stop using it, such as school supplies, etc..

6- Feed the house pet and change the drinking water

As it is about caring for a living being, this type of task should not be assigned to too young children who are not yet capable of having a greater sense of responsibility..

It is from 6-8 years that it is recommended to delegate the feeding of the pet. In addition, in this way small disasters with the animal's food are avoided.

7- Set the table to eat

Children 6 years and older can already take care of the daily arrangement of plates, glasses and cutlery on the table at meal times. Also to collect them at the end or do one of the two.

It is an opportunity to develop creativity, for example by teaching them to fold napkins or make origami with them, with the help of the internet.

8- Change the sheets on your bed

From the age of 10, they can be taught to change the sheets on their own bed. It is important to tell you how often they should do it and for what.

9- Help to save the products of the market

The age of 8 is suitable for asking the boys to help organize and store the products that are bought in the market.

It is also a good opportunity to teach them about the benefits of each food, its characteristics, how and where they should be stored, etc..

10- Make your own snacks and help prepare certain meals

Children over the age of 10 can get involved in preparing some meals. The important thing is that they always do it under supervision to cover any risk of accidents in the kitchen.

They can make fun and simple snack recipes that will help them become more and more interested in culinary activities..


Many parents think that having children at home is synonymous with having endless things to do, but this is not necessarily the case. Daily household chores can be shared with them, being more successful if done in a fun and educational way.

It is an excellent opportunity to teach them to be responsible and increasingly independent, in addition to being able to strengthen emotional ties with them while parents and children work together, thus becoming quality time.

With good training, which includes breaking tasks into short, easy-to-understand steps, and patience, parents will be able to get significant help with housework while children learn a series of concepts, procedures, and skills. values ‚Äč‚Äčthat will be of great benefit to your adult life.


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