12 Mountain Animals and Their Characteristics

Charles McCarthy
12 Mountain Animals and Their Characteristics

Some of the mountain animals most representative are the alpaca, the hawk, the puma, the bald eagle, the panda bear, the fox and the Himalayan tar.

Mountainous regions mean a constant struggle for all the species that inhabit them. Mountains can mean sudden changes in the weather, food shortages and even walking difficulties.

Main mountain animals

Some of the most common animals in the mountains are:


The alpaca is a domestic species of artiodactyl mammal. It can be confused a lot with the llama and the vicuña, since it shares a genetic load with the llama and is related to the vicuña.

This species has been domesticated for thousands of years in South America.


Also called falco, alcotanes and kestrels, they are birds of the family Falconidae.

Among the falcons, is the peregrine falcon, which is the fastest animal on the planet, reaching speeds of 360 kilometers per hour in a dive.

Ibex of the alps

This is a species of ibex that can only be found in the mountain range of the Alps.

Their preferred habitat is the point where the end of the snowy area meets the beginning of the forest..


The puma is a carnivorous mammal belonging to the family Felidae.

Also recognized as the lion of the mountains, it represented a great challenge for the Spanish colonizers, due to its predator characteristics.. 

Bald eagle

The bald eagle is a species of bird widely recognized as the national animal of the United States..

It has black plumage on the body and white on the head, which is why it is called the white-headed eagle..

This species was close to extinction in the early 20th century.


The chirú, also recognized as a Tibetan antelope, belongs to the artiodactyls.

This species, native to Asia, is currently in a state of conservation, since it has been declared in danger of extinction.


Also called the giant panda, it is a species of the family Ursidae.

This animal has a black and white coat. The panda is herbivorous, feeds on bamboo, and is endemic to Asia.


Foxes are canids, in the same family as domestic dogs. This species of wild canid is one of the most intelligent animals, although it is not compared to the dolphin or the gorilla.

Condor of the Andes

The condor of the Andes is a typical bird of the Andes Mountains. It also receives the name condor of the Incas.

It is one of the largest birds, and can only be found in the Andes Mountains.

Himalayan tar

It is another artiodactyl mammal that lives in the mountains.

As its name says, this species can be found in the Himalayas, from India to Tibet.

It has two horns and a brown fur, which provides warmth during cold weather..

Mountain goat

Species located in some mountainous areas of Europe such as Spain, Italy, Portugal or France, among others. They can reach 150 cm and have elongated and very strong horns.


The yak is the most characteristic animal of the high mountains of Central Asia, specifically in Nepal and Tibet. It is a strong, large-furred species and has been domesticated for centuries for plowing work..


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