12 Interesting River Animals and Their Characteristics

Jonah Lester
12 Interesting River Animals and Their Characteristics

Some of theĀ most common river animals They are the otter, the giant American salamander, the painted turtle and the red-bellied piranha.

Among the species that live near rivers, you will always find animals that take advantage of the benefits offered by the river, so you can see aquatic, semi-aquatic and terrestrial animals surviving in the same habitat..

Among all the variety of river animals that can be presented, some have very interesting characteristics. Within the list below, you will find several of them.

List of river animals

Charapa arrau

The charapa arrau is a species of turtle that can weigh up to 45 kilograms. This species can be found in the vicinity of the Amazon River and the Orinoco River.

Giant american salamander

This species of salamander receives its name due to its large size, which can be about 70 centimeters in length.

This salamander can be found in the United States in habitats near rivers in the west of the country.


Cynclids are a family of birds mistakenly called water blackbirds. This species is distributed internationally, however, it is not found in all parts of the world.

Its habitat is found in places near mountain rivers.


This animal is a semi-aquatic mammal that can be found almost everywhere in the world, divided into different species, among which are the Eurasian and the American.

This animal can live on land, however, it feels more comfortable in the water.

Pink dolphin

The pink dolphin is one of the most emblematic species in South America, since it is the only species of dolphin with a pink color and it is found in the Amazon River.

However, this species is in danger of extinction.


The gharial is a semi-aquatic reptile that belongs to the order Crocodilia. It can be found in North India, inhabiting large rivers.

Currently this species is threatened by danger of extinction.

Painted turtle

The painted turtle is a species of tortoise of the genus Chrysemys. Frequently seen in North America.

It is called a painted turtle because it has a coloring on its skin with patterns of clear lines, which give the feeling that it was painted.

Red-bellied piranha

This type of fish can be found in the rivers of South America. It is a threat to any species that crosses it.

This carnivore has sharp teeth and jaws strong enough to devour, little by little, any prey.


Trout are the river fish par excellence. There are many types of trout, of which many are fished by man.


Eels are a family of fish with only one genus, called Anguilla.

They are also recognized as river eels, however, this is a wrong way of calling them, because the eels can be marine or river eels..


One of the oldest creatures that exist on Earth, they are located in different rivers of the world, both in America, Africa or Asia. One of the best known is that of the Nile, due to the symbolism created from Ancient Egypt on this reptile


One of the largest animals in nature and the most unusual for its physical form. They live in sub-Saharan Africa and spend most of their time in the river, where they regulate their body temperature. They barely come out of the water to feed on grasses and grasses.


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