12 Animals of the Temperate Forest of Mexico

Philip Kelley
12 Animals of the Temperate Forest of Mexico

Some of the animals of the temperate forest of Mexico they are the viper, the ruby-throated hummingbird, the gray squirrel, the red-red bustard and the armadillo. Within Mexico there are exclusive animals of the locality, since they come from North America.

This is why the characteristics of the animals that can be found in Mexico are different from those of the rest of the world..

Most outstanding animals of the temperate forest of Mexico

1- gray squirrel

As the name suggests, this species of squirrels have a greyish coat and are characteristic of North America..

They feed on nuts, insects, seeds, and bird eggs during the day.

2- Armadillo

Armadillos are mammals that can be found frequently throughout most of the American continent..

They have an armor made up of covered bone plates, which they use as a type of protection against any threat abroad..

3- Flying squirrel

Also known as Pterominos, they are a tribe of rodents.

The term "flying squirrels" comes from their ability to glide, displaying a certain type of cloak between their limbs..

4- Puma

The cougar is a mammal that belongs to the family felidae and is native to America. It can be found throughout the entire continent, as it is an animal that adapts to new habitats easily.

However, it occurs more frequently in places like the temperate forest of Mexico. Some recognize him as a mountain lion.

5- Viper

This is one of the most poisonous snakes that can be found in the temperate forest.

The strange shape of its head, similar to the beak of a spear, is due to the snake having venom glands behind its eyes, which makes it a threat to any prey.

6- Ruby-throated hummingbird

This is the most characteristic hummingbird in North America. The most striking feature of the hummingbird is its neck or throat, which is colored with a shiny ruby ​​coat..

They move their wings at an incredibly high speed, which is around 53 times per second; that is, in one minute they can move the wing more than 3000 times.

The life cycle of the hummingbird goes through several stages: first they migrate and mate, then they nest and incubate eggs and finally the females raise the chicks.

7- Raccoon

This is a genus of mammal typical of America, mostly from the north of the continent.

It has a gray, light brown, white and black fur; this species has black spots on its eyes, which look like glasses.

8- Monarch butterfly

This is one of the most common butterflies in North America. Their wings have a color pattern between orange and black, so they are easily recognizable.

They receive their name due to the extension of the species and its size.

9- Red-tailed Busardo

This is a hawk that, unlike others of its kind, has a reddish tail. For this reason it is called the red-tailed busardo.

It feeds on rodents and can be found throughout most of the New World and many parts of the Old World..

10- Rattlesnake

The name refers to the 33 different species of poisonous snakes that have a rattlesnake on the tip of their tail..

These make a very peculiar sound that means that the snake feels invaded or offended.

11- Tlacuache

Better known as opossums in other nations, it is an omnivorous mammal whose main peculiarity is its pouch called the marsupium. This has the function of moving and protecting the young.

12- Omiltemi Rabbit

Sylvilagus insonus It is an endemic rabbit from Guerrero, Mexico, specifically located in the Sierra Madre del Sur. Black in color, its rarity makes it a persecuted species, which is why it is threatened.


13-White-tailed deer

14-Gray Fox


16-Serrano rabbit

17-Northern Coati

18-Clarín goldfinch

19-Blue throat tile

20-American Kestrel

21-Red-breasted hawk

22-Red buzzer

23-Senior Carpenter

24-Ruby-throated Hummingbird

25-Monarch Butterfly

26-Shot of Zacapu


28-Pintito de Tocumbo


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