150 short tongue twisters for children

Abraham McLaughlin

The short tongue twisters they are plays on words, syllables or phonemes whose purpose is to challenge the diction of the speaker, forcing him to concentrate on the points of articulation in order to pronounce aloud, quickly and correctly a combination of similar sounds without causing the tongue to stumble.

It is important to emphasize that the interesting thing about the tongue twister and what makes it attractive is precisely the difficulty of pronouncing when the tongue becomes entangled in the process; This implies a challenge for the speaker, who will strive to overcome the obstacle.

Tongue twisters help children develop their language. Source: pixabay.com

They are ideal for young children to begin to improve and develop their language. They should be fun and shared with parents to create affective bonds, and later strengthen their socialization process with other children in their environments outside the home.

The tongue twister exists since the ancient Greeks, it is a popular literary expression of oral tradition that can be found in all languages ​​and that, as today, was used with the aim of entertaining and educating.

This word game is very useful in speech therapy, since it involves the use of points of articulation in those people who have certain speech difficulties. They can be read or learned by heart, and must be said out loud and quickly.

Tongue twisters can be created in different ways: One of the most common ways is by using rhymes. You can also make use of repetitions; Likewise, paronyms are often combined, as they have very similar sounds and are ideal for playing word games..

Examples of 150 short tongue twisters

- Pabla nails the slave's table,
the table of the slave nails the pabla.

- Pedro Prado lends a pledge,
lends Pedro Prado pledge.

- Sad trina swallows wheat,
wheat swallows sad Trina.

- Paco itches little layer,
itch little layer Paco.

- Pancha irons the clothes and stains them,
Pancha stain the clothes that you iron.

- I play little coconut,
but little coconut touched.

- Fresh jar rubs Fran,
Fran rubs fresh jar.

- Pablito nailed a nail
in the bald head of a bald boy.

- The Hippo Hiccup
is with hiccups,
Who takes away the hiccups
to the hippo Hiccup?

- Pruner who pruned the vine, what vine could you?
Can you prune my vine or can your vine?
I neither can your vine nor my vine can,
that I prune my uncle Bartolo's vine.

- I bought few drinks, few drinks I bought,
as I bought few drinks, few drinks I will pay.

- I throw what is done from the ceiling,
from the ceiling I throw what was done.

- I hug the ember with my arm,
I hug the arm with the ember.

- The page brought the suit,
the page brought the suit.

- Little cheese weight
because I eat little cheese.

- How does Rosa Rizo pray?
Pink Rizo Russian pray.

- Toto drinks tea,
Tita drinks mate
and I drink linden
in my cup of chocolate.

- When I say Diego,
I say I say,
and when I say I say,
I say Diego.

- I bought few drinks,
few drinks I bought,
as I bought few drinks,
few drinks I paid.

- It costs Cuesta
climb the hill,
and in the middle of the hill
goes and lies down.

- The witch piruja
make a concoction with beeswax,
two cloves of garlic,
four lentils and pure sheep hair.

- If the snail had a face
how has the snail,
Out face, out cabbage,
outside snail with face.

- Side, ledo, lido, mud, ludo,
say it backwards I doubt it.
Ludo, mud, lido, ledo, side,
What work it has cost me!

- The San Roque dog does not have a tail
because Ramón Ramírez has cut it.
And to Ramón Ramírez's dog, whose tail has cut off?

- How do you want me to love you,
if the one I love does not love me,
he doesn't love me like I want him to love me.

- Pedro Pérez Pita perpetual painter,
paint landscapes for little price
to be able to leave
soon for paris.

-In the juncal of Junqueira
reeds Julian was gathering when he found Juan.
In the juncal of Junqueira
reeds joined Juan and Julián.

-Pepe Peña peels potato, chops pineapple,
pita a whistle, chop pineapple, peel potato Pepe Peña.

-So expensive is that car
because I don't buy the car because it's expensive.

- He brought me He brought three suits,
three suits brought me brought.

- If Samson doesn't season his sauce with salt
it comes out soda;
Samson's sauce comes out bland
if you season it without salt.

- Teresa brought chalks made pieces.

- Every time I take a shower it hurts me,
that's why I bathe once a year

- The sky is bricked.
Who will unroll it?
The unbricker to unbrick it,
good remover will be.

-One corporal says to another:
Hey corporal, do you fit?
Yes it fits.

- Juan had a tube
and the tube he had broke,
and to recover the tube that he had,
had to buy a tube
equal to the tube it had.

- R with r cigar,
r with r barrel,
fast the cars roll
on the railroad tracks.

-If you add milk to your coffee
to make coffee with milk,
to make milk with coffee,
What do I need to throw at him?

-Erre con erre I can't find
erre with erre go three,
another animal that in my story
with erre of reindeer, donkey and beef.

-I have a guifigafa with five guifigafito
and for grabbing a guifigafito
they all giggled at me.

-Rita's dog irritates me
tell Rita to trade her little dog for a little dog.

-Is love a madness
that only the priest cures him
and if the priest only cures him,
what a crazy cure.

-I place in the coconut
to the parrot of Lolo the crazy.

-The cry of the gracious cat
he killed the gata grata in the grotto.

-A greedy dragon swallowed three pieces,
 three pieces swallowed the greedy dragon.

-Teresa weighs the raisin,
  step on the pool and pass the weight.

- The duck puts the paw on the silver plate.

- The caravel has a sail and a bald skull.

-Three drinks brought Trino.

-I am looking for a cross-eyed Basque
that sings trova in Jalisco.

- There Maya finds the mesh
and scratches a line on the mesh that he finds.

- Fausta the skinny girl plays the flute,
white is the flute of skinny Fausta.

- Pablo peels pure potato,
pure papa pela pablo.

- The witch Maruja hides the needle
inside the troja that is wet and red.

- Pedro climbs the stone,
lose the gut and catch the troop.

- Luisa wears the Swiss blouse
that his daughter Clarisa gave him.

- The dog runs fast
behind three chariot wheels.

- Manuela's tooth hurts
and the grandmother grinds cinnamon to Manuela.

- Goyo went to the stream
eating a chicken
and it became a roll.

- Gabito engraved a granite,
engraved a granite Gabito.

- The broken ball bounces,
the broken boot is thrown away.

- Ana the frog breaks the ruana,
the ruana breaks the frog Ana.

- The rooster Yayo was struck by lightning,
burned his feathers and gave him a faint.

- The golden parrot sings in chorus with the bull,
the bull in chorus sings with the golden parrot

- To the body of the one-eyed pig
not even dead I approach him.

- Marco and curto the stubborn
turkish court.

- A waiter eats candy,
a candy eats the waiter.

- The mole hits the top in the steppe.

- The serious catfish struggles
under the black cloud.

- Submissive Clarisa goes to mass,
Clarisa goes to the submissive mass.

- A little pig must be removed from the nose,
the one who desnose it
great nose remover will be.

- I want and I don't want to want
who I do not want,
I have wanted without wanting
and I'm unintentionally wanting.

- Phaedra brakes and scrubs strawberries
facing the cold sea.

- With the helmet and with disgust
I take the fly out of the bag.

- Cherries i ate,
cherries I dined.
So many cherries i ate
that I waxed.

- Laura for the lamp,
the lamp for Laura.

- Platypus, platypus,
dare and jump.

- The jet fox
ask for help
I run to the jet
and I help the fox.

- The donkey Curro sweeps the mud,
the mud sweeps Curro the donkey.

- Dad, put bread for Pepín.

- Three aerialists climb with rags,
with tricky bits they climb trapezoids

-The mischievous bird bites
sitting in the typical gourd,
picara pájara picara.

-Erre con erre cicada
that clings to the bush,
the rain comes and announces it
rubbing his wings hard.

-The cable in the ship fits,
the cable fits in the ship

-The King of Constantinople
you want to decontaminate,
the one who discontaminates it
good decontantinopolizer will be.

-The paraulata for the can,
the can for the paraulata.

-Chancho and Chencha iron for Pancha
and his hanger stains.

-Smug the prose passes
prey rush prose.

-Grandma flies to school
grandma flies to school

-If the witch unravels the witch
and the witch the witch unwits,
not even the sorcerer is debruted,
nor does the witch un-witch the witch.

-Tajo said to segment
for the shortcut he brought you.

-Trejo weaves three suits
three suits brought Trejo.

-In a juncal of Junqueira,
reeds Julian gathered.
Get together Juan to get them together
and together they gathered more.

-The naive Eugene
more than naive he is a genius

-The rat Rita challenges
the broken route.

-Speak the soft board
and the meat tenderizes

-José Pérez will perish,
do not despair, you have to wait

- The perplexed crab
I was away from the mirror.

-Rinse the chlorine
the parrot's gold hoop.

-Susana's healthy apple
tummy pain heals you

-The prey strawberry prays,
Pray the Strawberry Dam.

-Piquito picola, it sting the tail,
little by little the little beak itched.

-Said a nice guy from Jerez
with his girdle and nice suit,
"I at the nicest throw a cut,
I am sheik of Jerez ".

-Stinging the spider with skill
weaves little cobweb.

-The straw slit
cut the box.

-Lick the lime up the hill,
lick the hill with the lemon,
lemon does not lick lime
nor does the lime lick lemon

-For the tara face,
face for tara.

-The embers sprout in the breeze,
the breeze embraces the ember,
the breeze passes quickly,
the ember the breeze passes.

-Vate beats the robe,
Vate's robe flaps.

-The candle reveals the grandmother
that veils the candle that unveils it.

- Baker's bread,
bread, bread, bread, I want.

-The leg touches the lid
touch the lid the leg.

-The knife slices the garlic
but it does not cut the deck,
the deck is not a garlic,
I cut it, I don't cut it.

-If I eat, eat, eat
and you eat how you eat,
how do you eat how
if I eat, how do you eat?.

-Three sad tigers
they swallowed wheat in a wheat field.

-Paco pays little hit,
He hits little, Paco hits

-Pine came with the wine
that agreed.

-Pedro Pablo Pérez
paint doors and walls.

-I don't buy coconut
because little coconut like.

-The bear steps on the well,
pass, weigh, step on the bear.

-Count, how many stories do you count,
you tell stories when you tell.

-Silvia Silva to Silvio,
Silvio to Silvia silva

-The wild goat carries gravel,
gravel load brava the goat.

-The sky is muddy,
Who will unburden it?
The demborregador that discharges it
it will be a good disembodiment.

-Beginning beginning,
principle i want,
to see if starting
start I can.

-Parra had a bitch.
War had a vine.
Parra's bitch climbed the War vine.

-In three sad junk of wheat,
 three sad tigers ate wheat.

-If the servant who serves you
it does not serve you as a servant,
what's the use of helping yourself
of a servant who does not serve.

-Pablito stepped on the floor,
stepping on the floor Pablito stepped on,
when Pablito stepped on the floor,
pieces of floor stepped on Pablito.

-Thirty-three sections of logs
they chopped up three sad log splitters
and tripled their work of chopping logs and logs.

-A cacatrepa climbs
has three cacatrepitos,
when the cacatrepa climbs
the three little cacatrepitos climb.

-A donkey ate watercress
and the dog stole them,
the donkey gave a bray
and the dog fell into the mud.

-What colossal cabbage the madman placed in that place,
what colossal cabbage the madman placed in that place.

-After the triple trapezoid of Tripoli they climbed trigonometrically
three sad troglodyte triumvirs turned upside down
and transposed by the tremendous tretralcatrappian.

-My horse steps on straw,
straw step on my horse.

-Riqui tiqui tembo nosarembo
cherri berri rucci quiperipembo.

-Paco Pino Ponte Pérez paints beautiful paintings
for wealthy people,
for the poor it paints little
because they can pay little.

-A four-pointed scarf
pure pita, pure pita,
pure pita, pure pita,
a four-pointed scarf.

-Trapola, Tramo and Tragón, thirty-three shots of rum,
after pieces of extreme trout,
in a tris the thunder thunders.

-The one who spends little potato
little papa pays.

-A train with wheat entered with you
with you a train entered with wheat.

-Paco Peco, rich boy,
he insulted his uncle Federico like a madman,
and he said: little by little, Paco Peco, little peak!

-A zambo shoemaker stomped shoe stomps,
zapateados de zapata a zambo shoemaker was stomping.

-After three drinks and another three,
and another three after the three drinks,
drink and drink are havoc,
hors d'oeuvre shenanigans.

-The queen's cushions,
sultan's drawers,
What cushions? What drawers?
In which chest of drawers do they go?

-Chévere, chachi, chupilerendi!
Hache, eight, eche, piggy bank.
Put the badges in the slippers.

-The bull Tachos has eight horns,
collide the chucha, cunts the chachos.

-Chicken Toyo eats little cabbage,
what little cabbage like Toyo the chicken

-Whistling Chinese chango
what a Chinese changa you whistle,
no longer chifles a la changa,
whistling chinese monkey.

-Pablo is kind but terrible,
with his saber he cuts the oak
in the town that Pablo inhabits.

-How sad you are, Tristan,
after such a gloomy theatrical plot!

-Without sense Sosa encourages him to hiss,
and sisa Caesar without sense as Sosa urges him on,
and Caesar does not stop hissing because Sosa does not stop stirring.

-Miguel Mela cautiously immolated his bad mule,
and Manuel said that this saw:
"Bad mule immola Mela

-An award proposed by Narciso to Rosa Rizo
if i learned to pray in russian
and today, although somewhat confused,
pray in Russian Rosa Rizo.

-The three-bar door has
and Juan Simón is entertained
counting: one, two, three ...
all the bars you have.

-Pepo the pirate dances on one leg,
Well, smooth sailing dries your clothes

-Parsley I ate,
parsley I dined,
from so much parsley,
I doted.

How difficult it is!
Güi, güe, glu, glo, gli, gle, gla,
What a job it gives me!

-From Ushuaia to Gualeguay
How many leagues by water are there?

-There I send you a melon
on the plate that is not silver.
If the will is pleasant,
there is plate, plate and platter.

-Taco taquito, removes heel
cap, cap, lid, stopper.

- The rat Renata screams
who has torn clothes,
yells Renata the rat
how broken the clothes are

-Pancho little wide
has a body like a hook,
like a hook has Pancho
that is not wide, is skinny.

-Teresa tightens her braid.


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