20 Short and Simple Description Examples

Robert Johnston
20 Short and Simple Description Examples

This article shows description examples quite simple and common that will serve to illustrate this concept. Description is a process by which the characteristics, attributes and qualities of an object (person, animal or thing) can be enumerated, without narrating facts within a space and time with other objects.

The objective description is responsible for indicating the characteristics that an object has through the use of the appropriate technical words, in an impartial way and how it can interact with other objects.

The subjective description is intended to show the emotions of an event or object. The feelings that the object may express represent the subjectivity of the author. The use of words can be varied without falling into excesses with vulgar words.

The description is used in the literary field to generate content for specific audiences. In the case of the objective description, it applies to texts related to refereed publications and in the subjective description it can be used for stories, novels, opinion articles, among others..

The practice of subjective description is recommended to be done daily for those who are interested in reading and writing..

 The objective description is made according to the time it takes for the type of text to be written: A special degree project, a doctoral thesis, refereed articles.

Simple description examples

The following examples are presented on the description:

Example 1. A computer

A computer is a device composed of a disk processing unit, which can come separate or attached to the screen, a screen. It has input devices (the keyboard and mouse) and the output devices are the screen and the printer.

Example 2. On the beach

The beaches are located on the shores of the coast and are used by tourists, security personnel, merchants and the general public. There are areas suitable for bathers and other prohibited areas, in order to minimize the risk of possible drowning..

Example 3. Smartphones

Smartphones are devices initially for work purposes and now have multiple uses. The most important of them is to communicate by phone through the most used social networks such as WhatsApp.

Example 4. Wallets

Wallets are an accessory used by men to store identity documents, money, debit and credit cards. It can have a leather cover and fabric inside, all leather or fabric, plastic or other material.

Example 5. The printer

The printer is a computer output device, which is used to print images and texts, in color or black and white, according to user requirements..

Example 6. The bell

It is a sound system that works for personal property, commercial and residential real estate. The volume can be adjusted, according to the function it will have. The most common residential bell is the so-called “bicycle bell”.

Example 7. The vehicle

It is an assembled device that allows goods (trucks) or people (individuals, bus) to be moved from one place to another. Components are joined from the intermittent manufacturing process to the vehicle test yard.

Example 8. The electric pencil sharpener

It is a device that allows you to sharpen graphite or colored pencils. It can work connected to an outlet or use batteries. It has a deposit to store the waste, which must be emptied periodically.

Example 9. The toothbrush

It is an instrument for cleaning teeth, made from polymers and bristles specifically for oral hygiene. It should be used 2 to 3 times a day. The brushing technique consists of brushing the lower teeth upwards and the upper ones downwards, delicately.

Example 10. The portrait frame

It is an object that has the purpose of keeping a photo or written material, for the memory. It can be placed in the living room, bedroom or living room.

Example 11. The book

A book is the best friend of the human being since it allows us to develop all our abilities, feel emotions and enjoy a world of possibilities. The imagination can be developed by thinking about what the settings, characters and environment of these stories are like.

Example 12. Amusement parks

They are magical places in which children and adults enjoy moments of happiness, which are marked in their memories. They are places where the family shares emotions of fear and joy simultaneously. Attractions help children's imaginations.

Example 13. Riding a bicycle

It is an activity that helps physical, mental and spiritual health. Promotes feelings of living adventures, making challenges and decisions according to going through low, medium and high difficulties..

Example 14. Painting a painting

Painting allows us to capture images of our imagination in order to express ourselves and make its meaning known to the public that sees them.

Example 15. The mouse

It is an input device in the computer that makes it easier for us to use it. It allows us to draw and select alternatives. Without the mouse, our daily life would be difficult.

Example 16. The brush

In popular slang, thin brushes are used by artists for painting and other design work. Large brushes are used for wall cladding.

Example 17. The throne

It is the chair used by high dignitaries (monarchs, popes) in coronation ceremonies. In popular slang, people give that name to toilets, because of the level of intimacy that each person has every day.

Example 18. The kitchen

It is the heart of the family within the home, where seasonings and flavors, conversations of all kinds and joy come together around the table. Not only is it limited to the appliance but it encompasses all the space where the household appliances are located and the existing furniture there.

Example 19. The library

It is the happiest place for a reader, where he can search for books from any area, for study, work or pleasure. It consists of multiple shelves full of books on various topics, tables and chairs for visitors and has a customer service staff.

Example 20. A desk

It is the work instrument in which we spend more time than with our loved ones. It is a sufficiently wide table, generally rectangular, sometimes equipped with drawers where you can store articles and tools for daily use..

The descriptions allow to list the characteristics objectively and subjectively the objects or events of study.


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