23 chigualos for children and adults

Jonah Lester

The chigualos They are original verses from a region of Ecuador, called Manabí, created by the Montubia population. They are a traditional Christmas event, recited between Christmas Day and February 2, Candlemas Day. It has Hispanic origins and its content varies between the veneration of the child God and humorous stories.

On the other hand, in Colombia the verses recited during children's wakes are known as chigualo. It is also known as gualí, lullaby or angel's song.

The Montubia tradition began a hundred years ago, and contains elements of theater, dance, music and gastronomy. 60 years ago it acquired the name of chigualo. The verses are six syllables and some contain elements of mischief but without malicious intent..

Featured examples of chigualos


The yerbita of this patio
how green she is.
The one who stepped on it is gone
no longer withers.
Get up off this ground,
flowering lemon branch;
lie down in these arms
that were born for you.
With see you write victory,
the heart is with zeta,
love is written with a,
and friendship is respected.

Carmela is coming (Fraction)

Carmela is coming
as it comes from
Rome in her dress
shine has been wetted by the waves
the waves got it wet
the waves got wet.

My mother when she died
Chorus: the waves have wet it (bis)
told me not to cry.
Chorus: the waves have wet it (bis)
that it will make the world worthwhile
Chorus: the waves have wet it (bis)
but not forget it.
Chorus: The waves have wet it '
the waves got it wet
the waves got wet.


Mrs. Santana

Mrs. Santana
Mrs. Isabel
Why the child cries
for a rattle.

Tell him to be quiet
that here took two
one for the child
and another for you.

I don't want one
I don't want two
this child does not want
let me lull him
let his mother lull him
the one who gave birth to him.


The Florón

The rosette is in my hand,
In my hand is the rosette,
What do we do with him now,
pledge of my heart?
Mamayé, mamayé.
The mulatto went to Iscuandé.
Mamayé, mamayé,
Iscuandé's mulatto perished.


The reed flower
It is tender in color
Let's sing to the Child
All winter.


Go to sleep little boy,
Just go to sleep,
That here your guards
They will take care of you.


Get up off this ground,
flowering lemon branch;
lie down in these arms
that were born for you.


With see you write victory,
the heart is with zeta,
love is written with a,
and friendship is respected.


Cute child beautiful child,
Child where are you going
Child if you go to heaven you will not delay


Little boy permission
That i am going to play
In front of his altar


That seizes and leaves
Good travel to glory goes
Your godfather and your mother
Gutter they have given you
Good trip!


Estrellita, where are you?,
I wonder where you go
A diamond you can be
And if you want to see me
Estrellita, where are you?
Say you won't forget me


Sleep my child now,
It's already night and the stars are shining
And when you wake up
We will get to play


Sweet orange, watermelon wedge,
bring all your joy to the child.


Little green field tree shade it,
shade it, my love falls asleep


Sleep, sleep, sleep now
That if the father does not hurt, the father will get angry
And if the black is good and it hurts already
his father Montero is going to work
so that the black one day go to work.

Not breaking rock, no sign, that does not even think.
My black is going to the capital
to learn in books
all the things you don't know here.

So that he learns to speak like the gentlemen.
Just sleep. Just sleep ...
Sleep, sleep, sleep now
That if it doesn't hurt, I regret it now.

And there if my little black to earn his bread
selling fish, chontaduro and salt.
Sleep, boy, sleep now
I opened those big eyes, did you hear
no thanks give me.

Oh blessed black because you don't hurt
well appeased next to your dad.

(Juan Guillermo Rúa)


Let's sing, let's sing, let's sing
the child is gone and in heaven he is
don't cry bold for your son now
the angels of heaven will take care of him.

Let's dance with the child the child leaves
the angels of heaven wings will bring you
the child has died, let's go to chigualiá
throw me that boy from there to here.

Let's make a wheel where the child is
with palm and crown like one more angel
mommy mommy, mommy mommy
because there are happy people if it is not for crying.

We are partying and they are in heaven
because a black angel can already paint it.

Christmas chigualos


What joy i feel
in my heart
to know what is coming
the Little Boy God.

This little boy knows,
you know my opinion,
He has the key
from my heart.

The Child in his cradle
blessing cast
and everybody
blessed was.

at twelve o'clock
a rooster crowed,
announcing to the world
that the child was born.


Up there on that hill
A child has been born to us
We have come to see it
And to praise him with affection

Little boy, little boy
They say that you are very small
The most important
Is your infinite love


How beautiful the ninth

Here we adore the child

The important thing is not to eat

But treat us with affection


What was the shepherdess

who fixed his crib?

Put the stars

the sun and the moon."

"The Virgin Mary

Recommended me

That this Niñolindo

I will take care of him. "


Good christians we are

The Manabi Montubios

Good christians we are

And the very pretty girls


I stay in Portoviejo!!!

That's what my burrito said

But the donkey does not command!!!

Let's see the little boy.


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