30 Sayings with Metaphor for Children and Adults

Anthony Golden
30 Sayings with Metaphor for Children and Adults

The sayings with metaphor They are popular sayings that usually contain advice or a moral. They are usually short sentences, transmitted orally over time, that indicate the attitudes to take in certain situations, or the reasons for a certain conduct.

They have a didactic purpose for the receiver and sometimes it turns the anecdote into a topic of reflection. They usually have a paired form and contain literary figures such as antithesis or parallelism.

Examples of sayings with metaphor

If the river makes a noise its because water is running

This saying means that, if there is a rumor in circulation, it is because it has a certain background, even if it is only a small part..

A good listener, few words are enough

This saying means that, if someone is aware of the subject, it is not necessary to give an exhaustive explanation about it..

A gift horse does not look at the tooth

This saying is used when someone gets something easily or for free. And you need to settle for what you get with little effort rather than demanding more..

Past water does not move mills

This saying says that past actions do not affect the present. You can't change the past, so we have to focus on the future.

The third time lucky

In this saying perseverance is promoted. If things are difficult, they are not achieved the first time, but you have to make an effort and persevere to achieve what is proposed.

To bad weather, good face

This saying reminds you that even if there are difficult times, you always have to keep your spirits up and look at new things with perspective..

To bread, bread and to wine, wine

This saying encourages saying things clearly. It is not necessary to use metaphors but to call things by their name.

To the one who spits to the sky, it falls on the face

In this saying it is said that if someone criticizes a third person, it can negatively affect them and rebound the effect of their criticism.

It can also be understood in the way that a person says that they will not perform an action, and that they end up doing it over time.

Love with love is paid

This saying means that you have to correspond to people with the same treatment that they offer you.

Year of snow, year of goods

This saying refers to the fact that the years that there are snowfalls, there are usually very good harvests, since there is more water available and the land is more fertile..

To foolish words, deaf ears

This saying indicates that when someone makes a negative comment or insults, you should not pay attention to it.

Who gets up early, God helps

This saying recommends getting up early to start homework as soon as possible. It can also be understood as the sooner you take an action, the better it will go without having to leave it to the last moment.

A dead king, king put

This saying means that it is very easy to replace anyone and it can be done quickly..

Although the monkey dresses in silk, the monkey stays

In this saying it is indicated that although things or people dress up or try to look like something else, it is very difficult to disguise what one is.

Bad bug never dies

This saying means that cunning or malicious people always tend to do well in all situations.

To each his own theme

This saying says that each one takes care or talks about what interests him or what is convenient for him..

Each teacher with his booklet

This saying indicates that each person has a different way of doing things, and that it is not necessary for anyone to give instructions if you have your own way to do it.

Each feather flock together

This saying shows that people look for their partner by affinity and similarity.

With the rod that you measure you will be measured

This saying means that each one is going to be judged with the criteria that he uses to judge the rest..

Like father Like Son

This saying indicates that people or things resemble those from which they come. It is normally used to indicate the resemblance between parents and children..

Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are

This saying explains that like-minded people often create friendship. In a group of friends everyone will have similar tastes and similar things to each other.

the habit do not do the monk

This saying explains that appearances do not always correspond to the reality of the person.

Who does not run ... it's becaus it's flying

In this saying we are told that all those who are attentive, will try to take advantage of the situation as quickly as possible.

Loose lips sink ships

This saying recommends prudence and not talking too much so as not to be wrong. It is also used in situations where people try to criticize others to act wisely.

Rooster does not sing, he has something in his throat

This saying explains to us that when someone does not speak or give their opinion on an issue, it is because they have something to hide..

Do good and do not look at who

This saying recommends always doing good actions regardless of the recipient of them..

Idleness is the mother of all vices

This saying explains that if we have a lot of free time, we are more likely to fall into vices.

Evil of many, consolation of fools

This saying says that problems do not improve because others are also affected by it.

The devil knows more for being old, than for being wise

This saying gives us to understand that experience teaches much more than what is only learned in books.

Silence gives consent

This saying tells us that many times when someone does not give an answer it is equivalent to the affirmation of the question.


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