How to handle vacation stress?

Philip Kelley
How to handle vacation stress?

Holidays arrive and with them the desired trips, beaches, quiet villages, family reunions or simple moments of rest. These are some of the many expectations that keep us looking forward to your arrival. Despite this, things can turn a very different color from what we had imagined. Poor quality of sleep, new responsibilities or poor planning can turn our vacations into a source of stress and frenzied activity that we are not sure how to handle..


  • Vacation stress, an unwanted guest
  • Plan them ahead of time
  • Plan a realistic vacation
  • Think more about you
  • Focus on the present moment

Vacation stress, an unwanted guest

We do not stop counting the days until the arrival of this period that brings us memories of relaxation and fun. However, getting out of the routine and having to face new situations can make the holidays become something very far from what we were looking for and evoke other unpleasant sensations such as stress and anxiety. Some sensations that can make us end up counting the days to return to the routine.

A recent survey of more than a thousand participants carried out in the United Kingdom by the British Institute of Leadership and Management showed in its results that just the idea of ​​an upcoming vacation generated anxiety in 73% of the participants. How to combat this stress to be able to enjoy them better? In this article we will give some keys so that this long-awaited rest does not turn into an unpleasant experience.

Plan them ahead of time

Daily obligations and stressors may have taken a toll on the way we have planned our vacations. Poor planning, done with little time and without paying attention to some important details can cause many imbalances that we may have to resolve on the fly, filling us with stress and discomfort. Not knowing the location where we are going to be, having made certain reservations or procedures wrong or not having organized the time well can lead us to feel a stress that we are not used to in our daily routine.

Planning vacations with time and good organization is a way to make this long-awaited stage go smoothly and calmly, without having to experience the feelings of stress that do not allow us to enjoy them..

Plan a realistic vacation

Sometimes we generate too many expectations in our vacations. We imagine living incredible and perfect moments, scene after scene, long ago; moments that perhaps do not always happen as we have imagined. Perhaps we have created too high expectations that are not met and this generates a feeling of frustration and disappointment that causes us discomfort.

High expectations can also cause us to mismanage our finances and this can also generate a lot of stress. Planning vacations realistically, knowing that they are probably not perfect, will make us enjoy more of the time we are going to experience.

Think more about you

Holidays are usually periods that we spend surrounded by loved ones. Couples, children, parents or friends, usually sharing these experiences with others can get us to live moments of great happiness. This, however, can cause a great burden for many people, in a large case mothers of families, who feel that the weight of the well-being of others falls on them. From the start of any activity to the operation of the smallest details, it can fall more heavily on some people, who feel that their vacation is no longer something fun and if a great investment of energy and time for others to have a good time. . In these situations, you can feel great stress, as well as conflicts with our loved ones or relationship problems..

Thinking about oneself, exposing this discomfort to others and trying to seek the participation of all to distribute forces, can make this stress fall with less weight in certain people. Do not forget to take care of yourself, try to find peace and tranquility and communicate your feelings to others, without fear of saying no, if you think you are assuming too much responsibility.

Focus on the present moment

Vacations, especially when they involve travel, can throw off our schedules and customs much more than usual. Sleeping worse by not being able to relax in a new place, eating different menus or adapting to other schedules, together with the prevalence stress generated by the need to leave many things resolved before leaving, can make these experiences become a waste of energy.

Trying to find moments of relaxation and meditation during the holidays, consciously enjoying what we are living, focusing our attention on the present moment, is sometimes very necessary to alleviate these feelings of anguish.

These tips can help you manage the stress felt in a period that should bring you positive emotions. If you feel that the holidays are not being what you expected, do not forget to breathe, relax and do not get carried away by the anxiety that this can generate; remember that nothing is perfect and that we can even enjoy the imperfect.

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