How do you say Strawberry in Argentina?

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Strawberry is said in Argentina as strawberry, being a sign of the disparity of Spanish according to the different areas in which a language so widespread in Latin America and the occasional region is practiced.

The strawberry is an edible fruit, extremely popular for its flavor, from the family Rosaceae. Its consumption ranges from fruit in the wild to a large amount of juices, sauces, jams or desserts..

It is an important source of vitamin C, in addition to having anti-inflammatory properties, so its use also extends to medicinal purposes.

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What is strawberry called in Argentina?


While the word Strawberry is associated with the diminutive of strawberry in many Spanish-speaking countries, in Argentina it is used to denote the red fruits born from plants of the genus Fragaria.

The strawberry has more than 20 variants around the world, however all qualify under the same name.

Origin of the term

The most recognized theory for the origin of calling strawberry strawberry is due to the size of these.

Around the year 1600 a variety of strawberry was discovered in Chile, called Fragaria chiloensis, When it was taken to Argentina, the inhabitants of the country noticed that it was a fruit of a minimum size compared to other.

Therefore, it was decided to give it a name according to its characteristics, hence the name Strawberry, to exemplify that it was a small fruit.

Ironically, the Fragaria chiloensis, which is currently called Chilean strawberry or white strawberry, has a much higher volume than other varieties of strawberries, which is why in other countries it is called strawberry, as it is a large strawberry.

Current usage

Together with Argentina, other countries in the southern cone of America call Strawberry to strawberries. In Chile, Ecuador and Uruguay the use of both terms is usual.

Although there is some confusion between the terms strawberry, strawberry and strawberry, in Argentina strawberry is used as a synonym for strawberry, while strawberry corresponds simply to a large strawberry.

Countries such as Colombia, Spain, Peru or Venezuela also use the word strawberry to refer to large strawberries, while the word strawberry is not used..


At the beginning of 1600, Alonso de Ovalle was the one who for the first time classified the strawberry, giving it its scientific name, Fragaria chiloensis, which is still maintained today.

He pointed out that by that time it was already a popular fruit for its flavor and meatiness, being commonly consumed with wine and milk..

Strawberry benefits

Its flavor and versatility make the strawberry a widely consumed fruit worldwide. Included in a large number of recipes, its most common use is to consume it raw, added especially to desserts such as cakes, tarts, ice cream, meringue, cereals and smoothies. It is also popular in the form of cookies, fillings, sodas, wines, ciders, and syrups..

It is rich in vitamin E and C, contains a lot of iron and is low in calories (Less than 40 calories per 100 grams).

It is frequently used as an anti-inflammatory, body cleanser, and to combat wrinkles..


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