Tales and fables to ponder

Charles McCarthy
Tales and fables to ponder

There are stories and fables that help us understand things in life, as well as ourselves, from a new perspective. With them we reflect and are able many times to advance in our personal growth. Today we bring you a small compilation for you to read and draw your own conclusions, surely you will not be disappointed.


  • Opening doors without fear
  • Things are not exactly how you think
  • A nice love story
  • When life shakes you

Opening doors without fear

In a land at war, there was a king who caused terror to his enemies since he did not kill his prisoners, but took them to a room where there was a group of archers on one side, and an immense iron door on the another, on which figures of skulls covered with blood were engraved.

In that room, he made them form a circle and said:
- You can choose between being shot to death by my archers or going through that door. Behind that door, I WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU.

All chose to be killed by the archers.
At the end of the war, a soldier who had long served the king addressed the sovereign and said:

- Sir can i ask you a question?
- Tell me soldier.
- Lord what's behind that door?

The king replied:

-  Go and see yourself.

The soldier fearfully opened the door, and as he did so, rays of sunlight entered and light invaded the environment. Finally, surprised, he discovered that the door opened onto a leading path. To FREEDOM! The soldier, enraptured, looked at his King, who said:

- I gave them the opportunity to make a CHOICE, but out of fear they would rather die than risk opening this door!!

How many doors we do not open for being afraid of the risks?
How many times do we lose freedom and die inside, just because we are afraid to open the door of our dreams?

Things are not exactly how you think

A girl was waiting for her flight in a waiting room of a large airport. As he had to wait for many hours, he decided to buy a book to kill time. I also buy a packet of biscuits. He sat down in a seat in the airport's VIP lounge so he could rest and read in peace. Next to the seat where the bag of cookies was sat a man who opened a magazine and began to read. When she took the first cookie, the man took one too. She was outraged, but said nothing. She hardly thought: "but, how shameless, if I were more willing, I would hit her in the eye so that she will never forget again".

Every time she had a cookie, the man had one too. That left her so indignant that she couldn't react. When there was just one cookie left, he thought: "ah ... what is this abuser going to do now?" Then the man divided the last cookie in half, leaving the other half for her. Ah !! that was too much! he began to snort with rage! Then he closed his book and his things and went to the boarding site. When he sat, comfortably, in his seat, already inside the plane, he looked inside the bag and to his surprise his package of cookies was there ... still intact, closed! He was so ashamed. Only then did she realize how wrong she was, she had forgotten that her cookies were stored inside her bag!!

The man had shared his cookies without feeling outraged, nervous, dismayed or upset, while she was very upset, thinking that he was sharing hers with him. And there was no more time for explanations ... or to apologize.

How many times, in our lives, are we eating other people's cookies, and we are not aware of them? Before reaching a conclusion ... take a closer look !! Maybe things are not exactly how you think, do not think what you do not know about people ...

A nice love story

The story goes that a long time ago, a man scolded his 5-year-old daughter for wasting an entire roll of wrapping paper to wrap a box..

The girl, despite the scolding, left the wrapped box under the Christmas tree and the next morning, when everyone was opening the presents, she handed it to her father saying: "This is for you, daddy.".

He, feeling ashamed of the reaction of the previous day and excited, opened the gift. But when he saw that there was nothing inside the box, he said in an annoyed tone to his daughter: "Miss, when a gift is made there must always be something inside".

The little girl, half crying, said: "But daddy, it's not empty, I filled it with kisses for you".

The father, moved, hugged his daughter and asked her forgiveness.

Over time, the girl grew up and went to live far away. Her father, every time he missed her, reached into the box and pulled out an imaginary kiss. Thus he was filled with all the love that his daughter gave him.

When life shakes you

You are walking with your cup of coffee and suddenly someone walks by, pushes you and makes your coffee spill everywhere.

- Why did you spill your coffee?

- Because someone pushed me

Wrong answer:
You spilled the coffee because you had coffee in your cup. If it had been tea, you would have spilled the tea.

What you have in the cup, is what is going to spill.

Therefore, when life shakes you (how sure will happen) whatever you have inside you, you will spill.

You can go through life pretending that your cup is full of virtues, but when life pushes you, you will spill what you actually have inside. Eventually the truth comes out.

So you have to ask yourself. What's in my cup?

When life gets tough what am I gonna spill?

Joy, gratitude, peace, humility?

Or anger, bitterness, words or harsh reactions?

You choose!

Now, work on filling your cup with gratitude, forgiveness, joy, positive and kind words, generosity, and love for others..

Whatever your cup is full of, you are responsible.

And see that life shakes, shakes more times than you can imagine.

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