Tibetan garlic cure what it is for, preparation and contraindications

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The tibetan garlic cure It is a natural health remedy used for hundreds of years by Buddhist monks in Tibet. This recipe of traditional Tibetan medicine serves to reduce the levels of fat in the body or strengthen the immune system.

It is also very useful in treating various diseases. In this sense, an article by Bauer and Cekovska (2010) on the medical properties of garlic, states that Tibetans made recipes with this plant to cure stomach pain.

Like the Tibetans, many cultures have used garlic in traditional medicine; for example, Chinese, Egyptian or Greek culture. This popularity is due to its significant health benefits. The only reason garlic has been detested is because of its strong smell, although it was used to scare away evil spirits..

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  • 1 What properties does garlic have?
  • 2 Traditional Tibetan medicine
  • 3 How is the Tibetan garlic cure prepared?
    • 3.1 -Garlic oil recipe
    • 3.2 -Another recipe
  • 4 Treatment and dosage
  • 5 Health benefits
  • 6 Conditions You Can Improve
  • 7 Some contraindications to the Tibetan garlic cure
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What properties does garlic have?

The healthy properties of garlic are more than scientifically proven. Its ability to prevent so many types of diseases is due to its high content of vitamins (vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin B1), nutrients and antioxidant substances.

In addition, garlic cloves when cut or crushed, release a substance called allicin that has antifungal or antifungal and antibacterial properties..

Traditional Tibetan medicine

To understand the meaning of the Tibetan garlic cure, it is necessary to make some notes about the healing tradition of Tibet.

Traditional Tibetan medicine is also known as Sowa-Rigpa medicine. It is based on Buddhist religion and literature and is centuries old. This medicinal tradition is still practiced in some Asian countries such as China or India, even in some parts of Europe and North America.

This natural medicine distinguishes three systems or humors of the body: Wind, Bile and Phlegm. The first is related to blood circulation and the nervous system; the second with the metabolism, the liver and everything related to the digestive system; and lastly, phlegm refers to the structure of the body itself.

In summary, this tradition, shaped almost like a science because of its well-established system, has a single objective, to balance the three humors to prevent the development of diseases..

To avoid the appearance of ailments and keep the body balanced and healthy, this Asian medicinal tradition makes use of natural herbal and plant remedies, such as the Tibetan cure, garlic..

How do you prepare the Tibetan garlic cure?

As Emily Thacker writes in her book Garlic: Nature's Natural Companion, In Tibet, garlic is minced and fermented with butter and cereals to make a medicine that is used to treat many different diseases.

-Garlic oil recipe

Come. Rechung Rinpoche and Jampal Kunzang (1973) collect in their book Tibetan Medicine: Illustrated in Original Texts a homemade prescription, a kind of garlic oil (called in its original name as sGog-skya bo'i sman-mar). This medicine, according to the authors, is used to treat all wind diseases.

That is to say, of the circulation of the blood and the nervous system, following the Tibetan classification of the humors that make up the body. It is also effective in treating ailments related to heart palpitation or mental problems, as well as in achieving good health and a long life. The recipe is the one I detail below:


  • 11 ounces (311 grams) of garlic plant roots.
  • 21 ounces (595 grams) of yak butter, an ox that inhabits the mountainous regions of Asia and common in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTibet.
  • Water.
  • Cereals (does not specify which).


  1. Garlic roots are ground into powder.
  2. They are cooked in water until it evaporates.
  3. Mix the boiled garlic with the more than 500 grams of yak butter.
  4. Place the mixture in a container and leave to ferment for 21 days covered in cereal grains..

-Another recipe

Another alternative medicinal garlic recipe, which is called the ancient Tibetan garlic cure in different sources consulted is the one that I expose below:


  • 12 ounces garlic, preferably organic (350 grams).
  • 1 cup of 70% alcohol (free of methanol and other substances) for internal use.


  1. Put the peeled and crushed raw garlic in a glass bottle or jar.
  2. Close hermetically and store in the refrigerator, where it must rest for ten days..
  3. Filter the liquid with the help of a kitchen towel or a strainer. When removed from the refrigerator and filtered, the concoction should have acquired a greenish or similar color.
  4. Store in the fridge again and let it rest for three more days.

Once this time has passed, it can be said that the potingue is ready to start the cures.

Treatment and dosage

The concoction made with garlic and alcohol should be consumed in small doses or drops mixed with water 20 minutes before the main meals of the day (breakfast, lunch or lunch and dinner). A dropper should be used which should also be kept cold in the fridge. The cure must be administered for at least ten days.

It is also important to know that this cure is only recommended to take once every five years. Although it does not attach any scientific reason that explains why this frequency of consumption.

Below I attach a table with the recommended doses per day and per meal.

From day 11, 25 drops should be consumed divided into three times a day until the preparation is completely exhausted..

The Tibetan garlic cure should only be taken when there are symptoms that require treatment. If these persist after consuming the concoction, it is advisable to seek the help or advice of a specialist, either a doctor or a homeopath, who will carry out a more detailed study of the ailments suffered and who can offer other effective alternatives.

Health benefits

The health properties of the Tibetan garlic cure are closely linked to the very nutrients and beneficial substances present in garlic.

Some of the benefits that this cure brings to the body are:

- It helps you lose weight.

- Reduction of fat levels in the body and in the blood.

- Lowers the levels of "bad cholesterol" (LDL) in the blood.

- Helps cleanse the liver, improving its functioning.

- Improves circulation.

- Combats the excessive accumulation of fluids in the body.

- It is good for the kidneys

- Strengthens the immune system and defenses

- Control hypertension, eliminating it.

- Has antioxidant effects

These benefits have their explanation in science and in some of the components present in garlic itself, such as vitamins that act as antioxidants. Some of the advantages of garlic, such as the fact that it helps you lose weight, has to do with its low caloric level..

Also present in the garlic bulb is allicin, an active principle, which acts as a natural antibiotic. This explains that the Tibetan cure of this plant is effective in dealing with some diseases.

Conditions that you can improve

Among the most common conditions that can be treated with this ancient prescription from the Buddhist monks of Tibet, are the following:

- Obesity.

- Ischemia.

- Sinusitis.

- Heart disease.

- Headaches.

- Cerebral thrombosis.

- Arthritis.

- Osteoarthritis.

- Rheumatism.

- Gastritis.

- Hemorrhoids.

- Eye problems.

- Ear conditions.

- Atherosclerosis.

Some contraindications to the Tibetan garlic cure

The consumption of garlic as a natural remedy is inadvisable for those who suffer from other diseases, especially cerebrovascular or heart diseases, and these are being treated with anticoagulant medications. This is warned by a study by Vicki Evans, belonging to the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses, and published in 2000 in the Journal of Neuroscience Nursing.

According to this expert, you have to be careful with some natural remedies such as garlic or the ginko herb, as they affect the use of warfarin. This is an oral anticoagulant medicine that is used to prevent the formation of blood clots..

Other contraindications to the consumption of this garlic and alcohol based potion are digestive problems, such as digestive ulcers..

Of course, those who cannot eat raw garlic on medical advice should not undergo this cure either..

If you suffer from another disease or condition and are undergoing medical treatment, I advise you not to start this cure until you finish said treatment or until you consult a medical professional. In this way, you will avoid interactions between both medical substances that can be harmful to your health..

In any case, if you start the cures and observe any problem or side effect, interrupt the treatment and go to a professional.


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