Choice of Mate of the Golden Eagle

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The golden eagle mate choice it is a ritual that involves many aerial feats. The golden eagleAquila chrysaetos) is one of the largest, fastest and most agile birds of prey.

They are found in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. This bird has bright golden feathers on the back of its head and neck. And its powerful claws and beak are used with great dexterity to hunt its prey.

Golden Eagle

As for their partner, most mate for life. Even if they are not partners for life, couples generally stay together for several years and are monogamous during that period. However, if one of the eagles dies, the survivor will look for another mate..

The Golden Eagle's mate selection ritual

Generally, eagle mating begins with courtship, which can be quite an active process..

Each species has its own rituals. These often involve some kind of flight display, but they also use a variety of ways to get the attention of a potential partner..

Sometimes during courtship the males bring food to the females. This can save you strength when laying the eggs later..

Males continue to carry food during incubation periods. For male or female eagles, courtship serves to ensure a strong, fit and capable partner of healthy young. This increases your chances of survival.

In this case, golden eagles choose their mates when they are approximately four or five years old. They are often kept together for their entire lives from fifteen to twenty years.

This golden eagle mate choice involves very high flights and swoops to impress. During these flights, they shoot towards the ground with bent wings, sometimes reaching an estimated 160 km / h..

Then they take flight once more. Or the two eagles can shoot at each other, briefly touching the talons.

In general, during courtship a golden eagle can perform a rapid series of up to 20 climbs and rains..

On each climb they can beat their wings three or four times. It also performs pendulum flights, where the eagle dives and soars, then turns to go back on its way.

In this video you can see a mating ritual between two specimens:

Mating habits of the golden eagle

Depending on their geographic location, golden eagles breed from March to August. Most of the couples are sedentary and stay in the same territory throughout the year.

Many begin nest building and courtship in December. For migratory golden eagles, pairing and courtship begins when the eagles return to breeding grounds between February and mid-April. Each pair can have several nests in its breeding territory.

On the other hand, golden eagles build their nests preferably on cliffs. Although they can also use trees, riverbanks and artificial structures.

This construction can take 4 to 6 weeks. For this they use sticks and local vegetation. The female lays 1 to 4 eggs, and is responsible for most of the incubation. In the end, the strongest usually survive.

In this video you can see the mating:


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