Lambayeque fauna representative species

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Lambayeque fauna representative species

The Lambayeque fauna it is conditioned by different geographical, orographic and climatic factors. This causes that there is a great biodiversity in this relatively small department of the Republic of Peru.

Some of these factors are its proximity to the equator, the presence of the Humboldt current, the variability in temperatures, among others..

This department belongs to the dry forest ecoregion, which is characterized by being highly endemic but with very fragile ecosystems. 90% of its territory is in the coastal region. The two exceptions are the Inkawasi district, located in the mountain range; and Cañaris, located in the high jungle.

The fauna of Lambayeque has a unique diversity in its different ecosystems. On the one hand there is the Andean zone whose forests are home to several endemic species.

Then the typical ichthyological wealth of the Peruvian coast must be added. The coast has a predominance of desert areas with many species that have known how to adapt to this hostile environment..

Rivers that irrigate fertile valleys flow down these arid zones, thus increasing the number of biomes in this department..

Representative species of the fauna of Lambayeque

- Birds

The marine and continental birds of Lambayeque constitute a large group. Among these, the Humboldt penguin stands out.

These belong to the group of banded penguins and look a lot like African penguins. It is one of the threatened species in this region.

In addition to this, other threatened birds are the bearded turkey, the white-winged turkey, the Peruvian potoyunco, the Peruvian pelican, the Peruvian booby and the red-footed cormorant..

Otherwise, the Lambayecan sky is crossed by partridges, ducks, herons, hawks, eagles, Andean condors, hawks, parrots, pigeons and many more..

Humboldt penguin

One of the national symbols in terms of fauna of Peru. It is a flightless bird that is mainly distributed by the Peruvian Current.

- Mollusks, crustaceans and fishes  

As is usual in the Peruvian sea, the fauna of Lambayeque includes a large number of mollusks, fish and crustaceans.

Among the mollusks there are snails, sea hares, clams, abalones, mussels, octopus and squid. Oysters, crabs, hermits and lobsters are also part of the crustaceans.

Among the fish in the area are the round sole, the white anchovy, the grouper, the chalaco, the white fish, the silverside, the corvina, the cachema, the marlin, the seahorse and the angelfish, among others..


One of the most consumed fish in Peru. It is located on the sandy coastal bottom of the Peruvian Current.

- Mammals

Lambayeque's group of marine mammals is made up of dolphins, humpback whales, chusco wolves and marine pigs..

Rice mice, anteaters, foxes, cougars, spectacled bears, white-tailed deer and bobcats can be found on the mainland. The last four species on the list are in danger of extinction.

Humpback Whale

One of the most reported cetacean species in the Lambayaque area. They can measure more than 15 meters and weigh about 40 tons.

- Reptiles and amphibians

In the continental zone there is a great diversity of snakes: blind snake, rattlesnake, coral snake, green snake, cat snake, macanche (boa constrictor) and sun snake, among others..

With regard to amphibians, the area is inhabited by various kinds of toads and frogs, such as the cololo and the hey-hey. In addition, there are lizards, iguanas, bluebirds, jump (species of lizard), pacaso (kind of iguana) and chameleons, among other animals.

Blind snake

Natural species of the Iberian Peninsula, possibly introduced by Spanish settlers. They have a very characteristic glossy black color.


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