Flakka, the drug of the poor

Abraham McLaughlin
Flakka, the drug of the poor

The world of drugs offers a multitude of options and alternatives, all of them harmful in one way or another. One of these drugs is the Flakka Drug, also called a "poor man's drug" because of its low economic cost. Let's see better what it consists of.

What is Flakka and what effects does it produce

Flakka is a new designer drug from the US whose effects have proven to be very powerful. Its power is such that it can cause the death of the person who consumes it at any given time.

So much so that there are already numerous cases of people who have died from the use of this drug. Its use has spread throughout the United States and in some Asian countries, where more and more people are using this drug..

It is estimated that just under 1 percent of American teens consciously use the synthetic drug flakka, according to recent research..

It has also recently reached Spain, where there have already been cases of intoxication. Given the dangerousness of the substances that make up this designer drug, the alarm has been unleashed among health authorities. They have already warned about the danger posed by this substance.

One of the main reasons why people are alerted to the danger of this drug have been due to the information that has been obtained from the cases of intoxication that caused the death of its users. These cases have occurred mainly in the United States.

According to these data, the substance has such a rapid and immediate lethal effect that there is no antidote to counteract its effects. This makes the drug lethal in many cases, making it very dangerous..

Flakka is consumed in several ways very similar to how other types of drugs are consumed. One of them is orally, as it can be taken in pills. It can also be snorted - in fact, they call it the cocaine of the poor - or it can also be smoked or injected.

Its active compound is alpha-PVP. This is a stimulating substance from the cathinones chemical group, which in turn is from the phenethylamine family. There are very few references about this powerful stimulant, which means that there is not yet a remedy to counteract it in the body. The fact is that this active principle is legal in Spain.

Interestingly, this narcotic contains a chemical close to MDPV, an ingredient used to make bath salts. These chemicals atrophy the molecules on the surface of neurons, which are responsible for maintaining levels of neurotransmitters that regulate behavior, as well as dopamine and serotonin.

Effects of the Flakka

Flakka, as we said, is a type of synthetic drug with several components that make it deadly. The effects it causes on the person who uses it are similar to those of cocaine.

However, its price is considerably cheaper than the latter, which makes it more accessible to a younger type of consumer. That is why adolescents are a population at risk from this type of drug.

While the effects are similar to those of cocaine, flakka is even more dangerous than it. Its active component can be lethal in a single dose, so that the person can die from its consumption. In addition, it is not known what the dose that can cause death is.

In fact, professionals who are researching this drug claim that the amount that differentiates between a drug effect and death is so minimal that it is impossible to control its consequences.

This is something that does not happen with other drugs, whose danger usually lies in the strong addiction they cause and in that they harm the body. In this case, it is something more immediate.

So much so, that a light dose that can be smoked, injected or inhaled, can lead to experiencing various extreme symptoms. From excited delirium, as the experts have coined, to violent behavior or paranoia.

One of the aspects that most attracts those who have consumed this substance is the feeling of euphoria. They say they feel stronger. The effect of the narcotic can last several hours, and it is even possible that the neurological effects can be permanent. It has also been shown to be very harmful to the kidneys.

In short, as you may have seen, the Flakka drug is a type of very harmful substance that is important to know in order to avoid its consumption. The greatest danger lies in how accessible it is due to its low price, but you have to know that for this same reason it is even easier for a younger audience to access it..

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