The 10 Animals That Start With The Most Important L

Alexander Pearson
The 10 Animals That Start With The Most Important L

Some animals that start with the letter L They are wolves, owls, leopards, lions, hares, lizards, lobsters, parrots, worms and fireflies. The variety in this fauna is interesting to study.

For example, owls lead a peculiar night life; They are often confused with owls, but they are different.


It is equally interesting to study the behavior of wolves, since they are animals with a negative prestige when in fact they fulfill an important function in nature by eliminating other species that can be harmful.

Likewise, the parrot is another surprising animal because it is endowed with the ability to emit words that it learns from human beings..

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Top 10 animals that start with L

1- Wolf

It is a mammal in the same family as wild dogs and coyotes. Feeds on smaller animals such as goats, sheep, deer, and others.

It has long, sharp fangs that protrude from its mouth and give it a fearsome appearance..

There are several kinds of wolves. One of the most striking is the Arctic wolf or white wolf, which with its thick fur can survive low temperatures.

2- Owl

It belongs to the group of birds and is medium in size. It is from the same family as owls, but they differ from these because they do not have feathers that resemble ears..

Its wings are very strong and it can fly silently to facilitate the obtaining of its prey.

The owl has a colorful plumage of great beauty and its round face gives it a special appearance. It is a quintessential nocturnal animal with extraordinary vision.

3- Leopard

It is a hunting feline. It has an incredible sense of sight and a highly developed hearing, which favors it to catch its prey.

He can swim and run at high speed, but his favorite space is the branches of the trees, where he can camouflage himself and from there observe his victims.


4- Lion

It is also a feline that feeds on other animal species that are hunted by females; it is the lionesses in a group that get the food.

The lion is a relative of the tiger and belongs to the same genus as the panthers. It stands out for a long mane around its face and for being a huge animal.

It has been called the king of the jungle, but it actually inhabits the savannah and lonely regions. It is said that he is the king because in his pack he shows absolute power and the females work for this.

5- Hare

Very similar to a rabbit, this animal is distinguished by its long ears and slender figure, which give it an elegant appearance..

It lives in burrows that it builds itself and develops a lot of independence from the moment it is born. It has an extraordinary ear that helps it hear its predators.

Even man is dedicated to hunting hares as a sport and he must also defend himself against it; it does so by running and galloping on its strong hind legs.

6- Lizard

Of the reptile genus, this little animal crawls everywhere with speed. It is said to be a descendant of the great reptiles that lived in the early days of the Earth.

As they evolved, they reduced their size and adapted to new conditions. It plays a very important role in swallowing flies, spiders, mosquitoes and all kinds of insects.

They are of great help to the man of the field because he eats everything that can damage a crop. It also feeds on the eggs of vipers.


7- Locust

It is a marine animal of the crustacean genus that lives in rocky areas where it hides.

Its meat is considered a delicacy and therefore there is an overfishing of this animal, which has caused its decline.

The lobster sheds its rigid, hard shell several times in its life cycle. It has long antennae to defend itself when attacked.

Sea lobster should not be confused with a crop pest also called lobster, which is a highly destructive insect..

8- Parrot

It is a very nice and peculiar bird. It has a colorful multi-colored plumage and a strong, curved bill.

It is characterized by having clawed feet that allow it to take everything it sees and stand firm in the branches of the trees..

They have the strange quality of being the only animal that speaks, repeats words it hears, and can also whistle. Due to these characteristics it has established itself as a highly appreciated pet.

9- Worm

Similar to a worm, it is an animal that lives inside the earth; its body is very thin and soft, elongated in shape.

It feeds on the nutrients of the earth itself and, in turn, is the food of other animals such as chickens and birds, among others..


10- Firefly

It is part of the group of insects that are not very well known. It is also called a light bug, because it has the rare ability to emit light.

They appear in the summer periods but there must be little lighting so that they can be perceived. It does not have large wings, so its movements are minimal.


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