The 12 Animals That Start With O More Relevant

Charles McCarthy

Between the animals that start with the letter O Geese, bears, killer whales, oysters, sheep, orangutans, platypus, starfish, oryx and okapis can be mentioned. These animals belong to very different genera.

For example, in this category is the bear, a fairly large and omnivorous animal; and it is also possible to find farm animals such as goose or sheep, which are very valuable food providers for humans.

Animals that begin with O most important

1- Goose

It is a bird that moves from one place to another. It has been a farm animal for many years. They have also been called geese and it is famous because it appears in many children's stories.

They are used to walking or swimming in rows, and their squawks have been used as an alert to certain dangers.

In the kitchen, its meat is appreciated as a delicacy, and its liver is highly valued because the famous pate is obtained from there..

2- Bear


Another of the giant animals of creation. Their weight and height when standing on two legs exceed many animals and humans.

It is a calm but dangerous animal when attacked or threatened, although some have been trained. There are 10 different types of bears.

Bears sleep during the winter, they do not come out of their burrows, they do not eat or do anything. They usually walk alone, but the mothers are accompanied by their cubs. The bear is in danger of extinction in some regions.

3- Orca

Killer whale

It is a variety of dolphin that reaches a larger size than these. It has been called a killer whale, but in reality it does not attack humans but feeds on other dolphins, fish and marine animals.

It is an animal that swims at high speed and, although it can reach the seabed, it requires oxygen to survive.

On their body they show a characteristic black color and two white spots under the eyes. Some are in captivity.

4- Oyster

It belongs to the genus of mollusks, which are small animals that live in the sea. The oyster is characterized by an outer shell through which it breathes; in some of these pearls are formed, which are highly sought after jewels.

The oyster is a nutrient-rich animal that man consumes raw or in preparations. In general, it is common to see its consumption raw with lemon and salt. It is said to be an aphrodisiac.

5- Sheep

It is a very important domestic animal for humans, because dairy products are extracted from it, which are a source of quality protein..

From its large amount of fur, wool is obtained, the main component for making coats..

6- Orangutan

It is one of the largest apes: it has a height of 1.5 meters, and its arms are so long that when opened they exceed 2 meters in length. They are quiet, solitary animals and only inhabit some regions of Africa.

They are constantly threatened by man, who hunts and sells them as pets, especially when they are babies..

They separate them from their mothers and do them considerable harm by not feeding them properly and removing them from their natural habitat..

They are very close to the human species and share some traits, such as great intelligence and sensitivity. Females have been defined as dedicated mothers.

7- Platypus


It is one of the most spectacular creatures in nature. It is a rare mix that makes it unclear whether it is a mammal, a fish, or a reptile. That's why it's so surprising.

It is an aquatic animal, but it reproduces by means of eggs and suckles its young with milk from its own body. Although it has hair, its legs look like a bird and an extraordinary beak protrudes from its face.

Even underwater it can detect smells, just like dogs do. It has a tail and can swim comfortably. The platypus is poisonous.

8- Ofiura

From the same family of starfish, the starfish has a similar shape: it is a star with five very long arms..

It is a small animal that lives on the seabed. Some of its varieties exhibit very striking shapes and colors.

9- Oryx

It is of the genus of gazelles, animals that can run very fast. With an elongated and agile body, two long horns, practically straight, stand out on its head, which make it a target for hunters considering it a valuable trophy.

10- Okapi

It is an extraordinary mammal with the characteristics of a giraffe, although with a very short neck and horizontal stripes typical of zebras on its hind legs..

It is an animal that inhabits little crowded areas, for which it is very little known.

11- Ocelot

Mammal located in the tropical forests of America. It measures between 100 and 120 cm and weighs up to 12 kg, being the third largest feline in America after the jaguar and the puma. It is terrestrial and arboreal, developing most of its activity at dusk and at night.

12- Anteater

It is known in many places as tamandua or vermilinguo. It belongs to the Pilosa order, which is characterized by the use of its long tongue to feed on ants and termites. They are distributed by savannas, open mountains, grasslands, jungles and forests, always close to the areas of termite mounds and anthill nests..


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