The 15 Animals That Start With The Most Important I

Sherman Hoover
The 15 Animals That Start With The Most Important I

Some animals that start with the letter i They are the ibis, the ibex, the iguana, the impala, the indri, the irbis and the stick insect. The latter is one of the rarities of nature, since the color of the animal allows it to perfectly camouflage itself in its habitat..

The iguana is another animal in this group that also has the ability to camouflage itself. The emerald green color of her skin helps her to lose herself in the bushes and avoid being discovered.


The ibis is also surprising; It is an ancient animal considered sacred to the Egyptians, who saw it as a god. The irbis also stands out, a little-known species of leopard that only lives in the snow.

The most relevant animals that begin with I

1- Ibis

It is a bird of medium build, rather thin, that shows a tuft of long black feathers on its neck, but its head is bald..

They are characterized by a very long curved bill; It is a bird that has evolved and today there are many varieties.

The ibis was considered a religious symbol for the first inhabitants of Egypt, to the point of being drawn and embodied in writings, paintings and constructions. They were even embalmed and mummified at that historical time.

2- ibex


It is a mammal that has large horns that protrude from its head. These horns are longer in males than in females..

The ibex is a goat in its natural state, that is why it is called a wild goat of the Alps, since it prefers mountainous places.

It has an extraordinary ability to navigate very difficult terrain, steep and slippery mountains, covered with snow or wet. Moves between rocks jumping from one to another with ease.

3- Iguana

It is a species of the reptile family. Its size is variable: it can measure from a few centimeters to almost two meters.

Its skin has very resistant green scales, which serve to hide itself among the plants.

It spends time in the trees because it is heated by the sun to increase its temperature. It is considered sociable and in some places it is kept as a pet, but it can be aggressive. 

Its greatest predator is man, who persecutes it to use its meat as food.

4- Impala

It is an animal that jumps several meters in length and height. It is an elegant mammal with a thin neck and long legs. It has two wavy horns, which serve to push as a way to defend itself.

Their natural predators are larger animals such as the lion and the tiger, among others, but as they are very agile they are not easy prey for them. They are based in Africa.

5- Indri


Of the genus of monkeys, it is an animal that is interesting for its fur in black and white tones and its large yellow eyes. It is found only in Madagascar, on the African continent.

Its rare fur, characterized by being fluffy, and the contrast of the yellow eyes with the black color of the hair is striking. Has been compared to a stuffed animal.

6- Irbis

It is a wild animal, a feline that lives in the high mountains of Asia; for that reason he is known very little.

Its light gray coat is doubled to protect itself from the cold and serves to camouflage itself between rocks or snow..

It is an aggressive animal and a hunter of other smaller species, but at the same time it is also hunted by man, who markets its skin for its beauty..

7- Stick insect

It owes its name to its body, long and very thin, very similar to a stick. The color of its body is variable: when it is young it is green and as it ages it turns brown, like a small branch of a tree.

8-Inseparable from Namibia

Also known as agapornis or simply inseparable, it is a very popular bird from southeast Africa as it is very common to see them in homes as a pet. They are very sociable and are characterized because they need to live as a couple so as not to fall into sadness.

9- Inca rainbow

A larger hummingbird species located in the forests and thickets of the Andes, between Peru and Ecuador. Noted for its spectacular plumage of bright brown and green colors, as well as its elongated bill.

10- Isoca from alfalfa

Colorful butterfly found in the Neotropics in countries such as Brazil, Argentina or Uruguay. They are very abundant and owe their name to the fact that they feed mainly on alfalfa, as well as other legumes.

11- Irara

It is also known as Tayra or old man from the mountain. It is a ferret that lives in the rainforests that range from Mexico to Argentina. It stands out for its whitish head, which it makes constant with its black torso. In some areas, such as Mexico, it is in danger of extinction.

12- Ipacaá

Although its most common name is red-necked rail, it is also known as ipacaá because it is the sound it makes when making a call. It inhabits part of Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Reddish in color, it stands out for its long orange beak.

13- common inambú

The inambú or tinamú is a medium-sized bird, similar to the partridge, which is found in much of South America. It is usually brown in color, with the part of the head being darker. It is distributed at 2000-2300 meters above sea level, being frequent to see it near cultivated fields or rice fields. 

14- Malay flag

Small bird located in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia). It is a very discreet species that lives in lowland forests. It usually feeds on insects and the wax from bees' combs.

15- Others

There are other species such as i'iwi birds (Drepanis coccinea), located in the Polynesian or ipequi archipelago (Heliornis fulica) also known as American Abosol.

Some extinct dinosaurs also had the 'i' as the first vowel of their name. They are the cases of Ichthyosaurus, Iguanasaurus, Ischisaurus, Indosuchus, Ischyrosaurus, Itemirus or Ingenia. 


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