The 21 Most Outstanding Animals of Brazil

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The 21 Most Outstanding Animals of Brazil

Main Brazil animals they are the anaconda, the rhea, the jaguar and the Brazilian tapir, among others. There are more than 11,600 species in this country. Brazil is famous for its great biodiversity of animals and plants.

Both the Amazon River basin and the rainforest serve as locations for the great variety of Brazilian tropical fauna. Brazil's wild animals include flying monkeys, spiders, eagles, hummingbirds, snakes, foxes, ocelots, and owls, among others..

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world and more than half of its territory is covered by jungles and forests with different habitats and climates..

This country is home to the largest number of freshwater fish and amphibians in the world. There are more than 2000 species of exotic fish in its rivers. In addition, amphibians and turtles abound in these areas.

The most outstanding animals of Brazil

1- Anacondas

Brazil is home to three different types of anacondas: green, yellow, and spotted..

Anacondas are very large: they can be up to 9 meters long and can weigh up to 70 kilos.

2- Puma yagouaroundi 

This species of cougar is a medium-sized wild cat that can be found in the Amazon basin. Its color is the most variable of all wild cats.

This strange little wild cat lives in the lowlands of Brazil; usually found in bushes.

3- Amazon Jaguar

This majestic animal once lived throughout the entire American continent, but has been considered an endangered species since 2003..

Jaguars require large areas, as they survive by hunting other animals. The expansion of economic activity has reduced their habitat during the last decades.

4- Rhea

It is the second largest species of flightless birds native to South America. They are omnivores and enjoy eating plants, seeds, fruits, grasshoppers, and beetles..

Their bodies have long legs, long necks, and they have three fingers. They are similar to the ostrich or the emu.

5- Pygmy marmoset 

This monkey is native to the Amazon basin and is the smallest monkey in the world: it weighs only 100 grams.

These monkeys usually live in small groups led by an alpha male. They can turn their head up to 180 degrees.

6- Brazilian tapir

It is a herbivorous mammal that has the body of a giant pig, horse hooves and ears, and a snout that looks like the stunted trunk of an elephant.

They are nocturnal species that can be found in the jungles of South America. Tapirs are the largest land mammals in the Amazon.

They are excellent swimmers and move quickly on land. In Brazil they are known as anta.

7- Amazon pink dolphin

It is known in Brazil as boto. It is one of the five species of river dolphins and the most intelligent.

This dolphin is in danger of extinction, since the dams that are built change the ecosystems where it lives.

8- Capuchin monkey

They are usually kept as a pet since they are intelligent and sociable. They live in trees, are diurnal, and weigh 2 pounds as adults..

9- Maned wolf

It is the largest canine in South America. Despite his name, he is not a wolf. It is a large fox and is the only species of its kind.

It is native to grasslands and thick regions. Its name derives from the characteristic mane on its neck that stands erect when it perceives danger. Its fur is reddish brown.

10- Tolypeutes tricinctus

It is a species of armadillo that is only found in the swamps of South America. Brazilians call it “tatu-bola”, which means “ball-shaped armadillo”.

This is because these animals can disguise themselves in their own armor by rolling into a ball. This animal is in danger of extinction.

11- Chigüire

Chigüires are the largest rodents. They inhabit the savannas and tropical forests of South America. They weigh about 80 kilos and measure around 1.20 meters. They are excellent swimmers and can remain submerged in water for a long time.

These animals are hunted by humans for their meat. They are also the favorite food of jaguars, pumas and anacondas.

12- Piranhas

They are the best known species of Brazilian fish because they enjoy meat. These fish are quite large: they measure from 14 to 26 centimeters.

Despite their fearsome reputation, piranhas are often served as a delicacy in the kitchens of the Amazon in Brazil..

13- White Kneeling Tarantula

It is a tarantula native to the Amazon basin in northern Brazil. It is dark black in color with characteristic white bands around its legs..

This species reaches 9 centimeters in length and it is often common to keep them as pets..

14- Tamarins 

They are Platyrhine primates from the New World, they are also known as marmosets. They are small and vary in color: from orange to light brown and black.

They can be found from Central America to South America. They inhabit tropical forests and coastal forests of Brazil.

15- Sea turtles

Some species reach more than two meters in length and can live up to 100 years. Five of the seven species of sea turtles are found in Brazil; They are distinguished by the plates on their shells and are in danger of extinction.

From September to March the females move to the Brazilian coasts to bury their eggs in the sand.

When they are ready to hatch, the turtles come out of their shells and move out to sea to begin their lives..

16- Bald Uacarí

This strange monkey is in danger of extinction due to hunting and loss of habitat; lives in the amazon.

It feeds on insects, seeds, nuts, and fruits. They live in groups of between 10 and 40 individuals, although some groups can have up to 100 monkeys.

17- Venadero dog or water dog

It is a small species of canine found in southern Brazil. The water dog is listed as the only species of its kind and is in danger of extinction.

It is a short and small dog, so it looks like a weasel. They are incredibly difficult to locate in the wild.

18- Crab Fox

It is a small mammal of the wild dog family, endemic to the central part of South America.

There are five subspecies. Fortunately, this species is not in danger of extinction and it is quite common to find them throughout the habitat..

19- Alligators

They are a family of the alligator and there are four types in the Amazon. They feed on fish, amphibians and some birds.

The yacare caiman is found in the Pantanal and the black caiman is the largest, measuring 6 meters long.

20- Boa constrictor

It is a boa that uses the same suffocation technique as anacondas. 

They are 3 to 5 meters long, and are usually emerald green or have brown spots.

21- Red thrush

Turdus rufiventris It is widely distributed throughout South America, especially in the forests and jungles of much of Brazil, as well as in some cities. It is a very adaptive and attractive animal, since its red belly is very striking. It measures about 20-25 cm and barely weighs 70 grams on average.


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