Celuzombies, what are they?

Charles McCarthy
Celuzombies, what are they?


  • The benefits of cell phones
  • What is a "Celuzombi"?
  • We are all responsible for their use (or misuse)
  • Education in school
    • Conclusions

The benefits of cell phones

Cellular equipment is part of that beneficial and necessary technological development that has come to contribute to improving our quality of life. A cell phone is a compendium of tools that has not only marked the beginning of the end of many others such as the flashlight, the alarm clock, the camera, the landline and the GPS, just to name a few. It is also an instrument that gathers in itself, an almost infinite accumulation of possibilities in the management of information and utilities, much more, I would say, than on average an ordinary person could ever need in his life..

The cell phone: star of social communication technologies, came to help us -in a very comfortable way-, to synthesize many of the needs that in terms of processes we require to live or fully develop a working, academic, family or social life.

What is a "Celuzombi"?

And why "Celuzombi"? Well, if we go back to the scenes of any zombie movie, in the interpretations you can see how these creatures wander from one side to the other, very slowly, abstracted from their deep lethargy only when they perceive the presence of living human beings. In the characterization of these beings, they stare blankly, go down with their heads down, sometimes with hands and arms extended forward or completely off the hook. They give an appearance of not listening and their only interest seems to be: nothing! If we pay due attention to many of the people who go down the street with a cell phone in their hand -or both-, on numerous occasions totally immersed in their mobile screen, it seems as if they have isolated themselves from the rest of the world . And when this happens, they do not see the vehicles that are going to run over them, the holes where they are going to fall or the obstacles they are going to trip over. If they carried something other than the cell phone, they often forget or lose it, even children and pets. They are not aware of the particular and special people or situations that are close to them or occur in their environment, making the situation more chaotic if they wear hearing aids. Those Celuzombis who do not have good vision (astigmatism, for example), in order to see the screen of their phone, are forced to extend their arms in any direction, trying to make the most of their peripheral vision to be able to distinguish the emoticon of a " little kiss ”or a wink that was sent to them, and feel so alive, although that brief distraction could cost them their lives.

We are all responsible for their use (or misuse)

The time has come for parents to assume their responsibility and exercise true control over the use that their children (at least the youngest) make of the cell phone or the Tablet, and the applications that make them work, starting with those that are within the range of social messaging. It is not possible to reach the height of irresponsibility of allowing that before a child discards the bottle or says his first correctly intelligible word, he is already walking with a cell phone in his hand. It often happens that many times you want to entertain the child to let him watch the soap opera, talk (chat) with friends, in short, so that he “does not bother”, giving him any of these devices. Gradually he has been detaching himself from the supreme responsibility of raising children with love and respect, giving them a good example, but hey, "if others do it, why not me?", Seems to say the motto of many adults in charge of children and adolescents, whether or not they are their own offspring. We are at a time where it is absolutely normal for families to gather around the dining room and, at the same time, distance themselves from a healthy, responsible and constructive family dialogue to connect through their phones or Tablets with their digital and individual outside world , regardless of the heat, the company or the events that happen to yours; The same happens with groups of friends, and even sentimental couples: it is usual to see them together, but totally isolated, immersed in their technological device, with the hearing aids drugging their ears with a thousand and one sounds, while, through their eyes, the Celudroga invades their brains, dulling their senses and zombifying their personalities.

Education in school

And what about some - or many - teachers? Regardless of whether it is in primary, high school or higher education, the problem does not discriminate these types of levels. It is not a secret that many teachers are not informed about the subject, because they are not interested or believe that it is not within their curricular competence or, what is even worse: they themselves set a bad example by using the telephone to receive / do calls, accessing the Internet or chatting during class on a recurring and prolonged basis. It is very common to find university students who do not know how to self-regulate when they are in class, and if it is not with celudroga, they cannot be there, something is missing. It is unfortunate to find professionals in training with an eighth or ninth semester of career, upset because the teacher asked them to please turn off the cell phone or not use it during class. And the problem is not that teacher who is now trying to control something that is almost impossible: an addiction that began to develop from home, school, college and the first semesters of a professional career. And if this problem has plagued our most beloved social, family and academic environments, not to mention the workplace. There are all kinds of employees, without distinction of title or competence, who waste their working days to the fullest, carrying out bad labor practices in companies that pay them to produce and not to waste time being aware of every moment that a notification on the cell phone, it tells them that they should respond to that flirtation, that joke, view the video of the moment or respond to any of the many groups of which they are part of their social networks.


ICTs, and everything that makes them be - for the case of this text, only a very small part of them - are a necessary tool in our current life and will continue to contribute notably as instruments of evolution and development in knowledge and development. the communication of the current world society, only turns them into a danger, the misuse that they are allowed to give or is made of them.

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