Popper, what is it and how does this drug work?

Anthony Golden
Popper, what is it and how does this drug work?

Drug use is common, and it is not exclusive to the youngest. This habit is not something recent either, since since ancient times human beings have already consumed all kinds of psychoactive substances. Today, we talk about one of them, the Popper.


  • Before we begin ... The Drug Division
  • What is popper?
  • What are the effects it produces?
  • Popular drug among the gay community

Before we begin ... The Drug Division

Drugs are usually divided into 3 categories based on the effects they produce. They can act solely as stimulants, as depressants, or as hallucinogens. Very few substances have mixed effects, and these can be described as stimulant hallucinogens or as depressive hallucinogens..

Depressant drugs make the user feel relaxed and calm and often slow the heart rate and respiration. Include alcohol (in high doses), tranquilizers, heroin, or cannabis.

Hallucinogens distort the reality of the subject who consumes them in different ways: their sense of movement or time may be altered or they may suffer distortions and sensory hallucinations (visual or auditory). Include LSD or mushrooms.

Stimulants make the user feel alert and energetic. In turn, blood pressure rises and vasodilation occurs. This group includes cocaine, amphetamines and poppers.

What is popper?

It bears this name, popper, a group of chemical substances, mainly amyl nitrite, butyl nitrite and isobutyl nitrite, which are consumed by inhalation. They are a series of colorless liquids, but with a strong, very characteristic odor..

It is a recreational drug and is also known by other names such as liquid gold, bananas, snappers, rush, and trade names such as Stud or Locker Room. It is easily available online.

The term "popper" began to be used after the popularity of some of these chemical compounds when they were used as drugs. Amyl nitrite has been used in medicine for its vasodilator and stimulating effect in the treatment of angina pectoris..

What are the effects it produces?

As substances for recreation that it is, the popper is used to produce vasodilation stimulation very quickly, as well as an increase in the sensation of euphoria and sexual desire.

At the same time, it causes a sphincter relaxation and that is why it is better known as a sex drug or as the "gay drug". Being a drug that is inhaled, its effects are immediate and very temporary, they barely last between one and three minutes..

In summary, its effects are as follows: produce a rapid high when inhaled and produces a state of well-being and pleasure. Increases libido and promotes erection in men, while relaxing the sphincters.

Also, it causes pleasant perceptual distortions and inconsistent language and slows down reaction time. This drug can also be used as a complement to designer drugs such as LSD or ecstasy, to cause more intense effects.

It is a compound that must be inhaled, if ingested it can even cause death. Similarly, it should not be spilled on the skin because it can cause different burns. It is a highly flammable product and must be away from heat sources such as lighters, candles, etc..

As it lasts so little as an inhaled drug, between one and three minutes, its pleasant effects wear off shortly. Instead, side effects can be long-lasting and can include anything from nausea, vertigo, headache to nosebleeds, hypotension, and rapid heartbeat..

Popular drug among the gay community

The popper began to be used as a recreational drug in the 1960s, initially among the homosexual community, as they realized that it helped them feel mentally and physically well, increased sexual arousal and favored the practice of anal sex.

Thus, the popper is especially used as a recreational drug in homosexual environments. It is usually inhaled directly from a bottle. It is a cheap and easily acquired drug.

This psychoactive substance became part of its most successful times during the disco music era, the 70s, and was very popular in the 80s and 90s. But not only among the homosexual community, heterosexuals also consume it for its effects.

Popper was first synthesized in 1844 by chemist Antoine Balard, who observed that the substance caused the relaxation of smooth muscles and dilated arteries, something that could have many applications in medicine..

The finding immediately led to the use of the substance as a remedy for angina pectoris, a disease caused by decreased venous return. As its properties became known, it became an attractive and cheap recreational drug in the following century.

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