What is the Timeless Present? (85 Examples)

Egbert Haynes

The timeless present It refers to the use of the conjugated tense in the present tense that is used to express realities that do not depend on the passage of time or expressions that are affirmations. Some examples of timeless presents are universal value judgments, sayings, and scientific laws, to name a few..

The verb conjugation in present tense is used to enunciate actions that are being carried out at the same time as it is stated. On the other hand, the verbs that are conjugated in the timeless present have no relationship between their action and any chronological event. For this reason it is usually used in declaratory sentences or in statements, whether positive or negative..

Additionally, the timeless present is also used to enunciate universal statements or universal characteristics of objects; those elements that will not change over time.

This verb conjugation is frequently used when expressing general truths, sentences, or specific sentences..

It is also used to show facts or actions that have definite or permanent characteristics; likewise, it also serves to state events that are known to occur or are known to be true due to observation or personal experiences.

The timeless present is often used with verbs that indicate a state, such as being, being, finding, finding, having, or knowing. These verbs are used as they can describe the characteristics of people or objects.

This verb tense is also known as the gnomic or permanent present.

Examples of sentences in the present timeless

Planet Earth tour Around the sun.

Cow have four paws.

In winter makes cold.

The cat this

Squares have four sides.

Snow it is

The man is find In perfect health.

The Tiger have sharp teeth.

Michael it is A tall man.

The human being is mortal.

The oceans They are

Her have a giant house on the outskirts of town.

Water I know

Who gets up early, God help.

Sun comes out by the East.

The polar bear it is

Earth's atmosphere this formed of gases.

Cockroaches me give

In summer makes Much hot.

Your aunt speaks japanese perfectly.

The dog have a wet snout.

In winter there are

Three plus three They are

Triangles have three sides.

There are more than 50 billion galaxies.

Tropical cyclones always begin over the sea.

You knows a lot on the subject.

France limits with the countries of Switzerland and Germany.

A cell takes 60 seconds to perform the full circuit on the body.

Sun radiates a lot of light.

The atoms have cores.

The priest pray in the church at dusk.

The cloth it is chinese silk.

The Lord has many accumulated debts.

The mammals They are Vertebrate animals.

Water it is colorless and odorless.

The human body have more than 10 million bacteria in your cells.

Two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen form the water.

I pay monthly.

Peter this very nervous.

Fork it is silver.

Water boils at a hundred degrees Celsius above sea level.

Heaven it is

Moscow will find in Russia.

The sun will hidden by the West.

The camel have

Freddy arrives late for the meeting.

Tobacco it is Bad for health.

Helium se freezes until it becomes liquid.

Neanderthals is it so

The earth it is

Horse go on all fours.

The earth tour on its own axis.

Gabriela is find in excellent condition.

exist four cardinal points.

The human being have

The Queen greets his subjects in the chariot.

The trader sell the crafts every Sunday.

The cat always falls off standing.

I dizziness when I haven't eaten enough.

A proton takes eight minutes to travel to earth.

Tomato it is red and round.

Flowers flourish in spring.

The average person walk the equivalent of five times around the world in your lifetime.

The teacher knows a lot about math.

The great coral barrier it is the largest living organism on planet Earth.

The jewel is finds inside the wooden chest.

The leaves of the trees fall when autumn comes.

The car have new wheels.

Lewis sight to Natalia with tenderness.

My mother this in Europe.

Pot it is of glass.

I like peruvian food.

Moon it is

Alexander kitchen for all.

Storm bring lightning bolts.

Elephant have A trunk.

Daisy flower makes His homework.

Elena buys vegetables for dinner.

In his Munch paintings express his great anxiety.

Sun it is a giant star.

His father was find hospitalized in the medical center.

The head of state greets to his supporters.

It's raining in the summer afternoons.

Airport runways are they check daily.

Medicine cure

Rabbit it is a born herbivore.


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