What is the Morphological Subject? (with 50 Examples)

Egbert Haynes

The morphological subject is one who is absent, or apparently absent, in a sentence. In most cases, such sentences have an implicit or suppressed subject that can be determined by the context..

A subject is generally essential in the structure of a sentence. But sometimes the subjects may not appear in it; an example of these cases are imperative sentences, where the subject is often eliminated, or in informal contexts.

Usually, sentences with a morphological subject can express persons, numbers, and / or gender agreements with reference to the verb. For this reason, the subject of a noun phrase can become redundant..

In sentences with a morphological subject, the corresponding pronoun can be called by deducing it from the verb conjugation, either by person, time or gender.

A morphological subject is not explicitly mentioned, since no pronoun is used; including possessive or personal pronouns. However, even if something concerning is not mentioned, you can know the subject of the sentence.

Coordinate and subordinate sentences usually have a morphological subject. This occurs if the first sentence refers to the subject and the subsequent context refers to the actions of said subject.

List of examples of sentences with morphological subject

-Take the book off the table, please.

-Had sugary cereal with milk and a coffee for breakfast this morning.

-He'll drown all his sorrows with alcohol at the bar on the corner.

-He does not want to see the house where he grew up completely dismantled, abandoned and in ruin.

-They are sleeping silently upstairs, on mattresses grouped side by side.

-We are going to spend the whole day on the nearby beach enjoying the sea, the sun and the sand.

-He's sitting at the kitchen table eating an oversized chicken burger with fries and soda..

-Write the instructions given to you over the phone very carefully and in detail.

-They will celebrate their wedding in style in a great party full of luxuries with fireworks and live music.

-I heard that your parents are in the drug trafficking business; that's why your house is so big.

-Dance the merengue, salsa, joropo and tango in an expert, wonderful and fun way.

-She will be four years old on August 7, 2017.

-She is very attentive and is always aware of any situation that may arise.

-They entered the small classroom on the left after the hall.

-Tariffs on imported food from Egypt increased.

-They lived in the Middle East for approximately eight years before coming to live in this city..

-Said his first clear words a few months ago when you weren't here.

-They separated about three months ago when they were still living in the City of London..

-She is lying down and tucked in her room watching her favorite movie on the new TV..

-He is a psychopath who previously harassed five people.

-They sold their old convertible car that had leather seats and was yellow in color.

-Do you carry all the necessary implements to be able to carry out the tasks in the garden of the house?

-He listens to loud music and watches TV locked in his room every day.

-He has always lied to her blatantly and to her own face numerous times over the years..

-He's working in the biggest department store in the entire mall.

-He entered the operating room a few hours ago and has not yet come out of the complicated operation.

-He was in tenth place in the youth swimming competition organized by his school.

-Graduates with the highest honors from one of the most prestigious universities in all of America.

-She cried the entire time it took for the taxi to get to the Buenos Aires airport.

-Study very concentrated every afternoon after coming back from clarinet practice.

-They found him sleeping in a cardboard box in the garbage can in the main alley.

-They were able to make it to my party just in time to cut the long-awaited cake.

-He had very bad luck in negotiations, financially, in love, and in life.

-He was shot 33 times but survived the confrontation.

-He worked from a young age and was able to achieve everything he set out to do in his life.

-We will travel throughout the country in a few days, distributing brochures with the necessary information.

-You need a lot of perspective in your life to be able to get out of the difficult situation you are in.

-Have the hibiscus flower tea with a little lemon, a tablespoon of sugar, and a few drops of brandy.

-It forced all the media to stop broadcasting the messages that called the people to vote.

-They failed to catch the first flight and had to wait at the airport for two days until the next one arrived..

-We will drink from the large chocolate fountain that is located in the middle of the dance floor.

-He's been very depressed for a few months now and hasn't had the heart to do anything about it.

-He threw away all the old books and newspapers that he collected for years.

-He watches his cell phone all day.

-He washed all the dirty clothes that had accumulated since he arrived from the institute.

-Talk to all the people who showed up at the party.

-Wants to go to a fast food joint for a milkshake and pizza.

-You will be very successful in your next life.

-He quit his dream job.

-We had a glass of wine and ate pommodoro pasta.


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