What is the Enumerative Comma? Uses and Examples

Anthony Golden

The enumerative comma It is used to distance the elements that make up or make up the same list of statements. In other words, it is used to expose a series of descriptive words grouped in their entirety within a sentence or paragraph.

An example of the above is the following sentence: “Maria's house is big, has a large garden, a nice pool, huge windows and a beautiful view towards the mountains.

The enumerative comma is the one used to distance the elements that make up or make up the same list of statements. source: wikipedia.org.

It should be noted that the comma is an orthographic sign that in turn is classified as a vocative, explanatory, adversative or the enumerative comma itself. The comma is used to pause and mark the different elements that make up a sentence. Graphically it is designated with the symbol ",".

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The enumerative comma is used in cases such as complete or incomplete enumerations. Each of them are detailed below:

- Complete enumerations

The enumerative comma is applied in the count of each of the elements that make up a sentence or phrase and that is considered complete because it has the conjunctions y, e, o, u, ni. Now the sign is deleted in one of the conjunctions.


- I feel happy: I have money, I'm going on a trip, I bought a car and a motorcycle.

- Incomplete enumerations

Another use of the enumerative comma is when the statement is made up of a list of incomplete items. This means that the phrase or sentence ends with three ellipsis or an etcetera..


- She was happy, blissful, happy, ...

Examples of sentences with enumerative comma

- There was plenty of food at Daniel's party: pasta, stewed meat, roast beef, fried chicken, baked potatoes, salads, hamburgers, and hot dogs..

- His mother advised him to take care of himself, behave well and come home early.

- In the company they request staff over twenty years of age, proactive, who speak English and with availability to travel.

- Every living being is born, grows, reproduces and dies.

- Juan does not like any type of vegetables: not carrots, not broccoli, not cauliflower, not artichokes, ...

- My neighbor is an artist: she sings, acts, dances, paints and dubs voices.

- At the conference we listen to the speaker, debate the topics discussed and draw conclusions.

- The current labor field demands competitiveness, professional studies, creativity, technological knowledge, etc..

- José is already able to drive a car, live alone and work.

- I bought the computer, the cell phone, the tablet and the television on sale.

- The athlete runs every morning, eats well, sleeps the right hours and takes care of his body.

- My grandmother dyed her hair, did her nails, did her eyebrows, and bought a new dress..

- My cousin likes action, sci-fi, horror and comedy movies.

- The model went to a photo shoot, to two radio interviews, to a doctor's appointment and at night to a concert.

- I go to the market to buy chicken, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and zucchini to prepare lunch.

- Eating healthy, exercising, sleeping well, and drinking enough water are necessary for a healthy life..

- My mom doesn't eat beans, lentils or peas.

- In the promotion reunion we dance, talk, laugh and share.

- Dogs, cats, horses, dolphins and pandas are my favorite animals..

Other examples

- The audience did not stop shouting, singing, dancing, laughing and whistling during the concert.

- My grandfather bought a pair of pants, a shirt, a belt and a hat.

- The sound of the waves, the song of the birds and the texture of the sand revitalize me.

- The pin, the banana, the ripe mango and the apple are sweet fruits.

- Candy, ice cream, gum, lollipops and cakes are the favorites of children.

- Eating, dancing, laughing, loving and sharing are great pleasures.

- The band is made up of a guitarist, a drummer, two bassists and a singer..

- My colleagues and I left work early, so we went together for dinner, a drink and dancing at a disco.

- My sister is attentive, loving, intelligent, responsible and friendly.

- My favourite books are: One hundred years of loneliness, Lolita, The process, Don Quijote of La Mancha Y The Colonel has no one to write to him.

- Steven Spielberg directed Shark, E.T. The alien Y Schindler's List.

- For this Christmas I only ask for love, health, peace and prosperity.

- He walked up to her, took her hands, whispered in her ear, and stole a kiss.

- The hero of the film defeated the villain, saved the children, found love and embarked on a new mission.

- In the morning my wife eats breakfast, exercises, drinks coffee and goes to work.

- Manuel is good at math, physics, chemistry, and algebra.

More examples

- My boss bought markers, paper, stapler, pens, and notebooks for the office.

- The flu causes a headache, fever, runny nose and a runny nose.

- Students have not learned to multiply, divide, solve equations or polynomials.

- In the haberdashery you can buy threads, needles, ribbons, scissors, pins, thimbles, etc..

- Mario and his friends went on a trip for the weekend, laughed, ate, enjoyed themselves and took many photos.

- My wife gave me on our anniversary a ring, a chain, a bracelet and a new guitar.

- For a while I felt sad, confused, melancholic, depressed and in low spirits.

- On Tuesday I will clean the house, do the laundry, tidy up the rooms and take the dog for a walk.

- The restaurant has good food, a family atmosphere, varied music and a wide reputation.

- Julia is hard-working, hard-working, studious, trustworthy and friendly.

- In my aunt's store they sell shirts, pants, shoes, beachwear and shorts.

- The museum exhibits paintings by Dalí, Picasso, Miró, Velásquez and Rembrandt.

- My cousins ​​play soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, and horse riding.

- David went into the cafe, sat down, ordered a mochaccino, a piece of cake, and began to read.

- My cat likes fish, pizza, pasta and meat.

- In Punta de Piedras there is a ferry, a passenger boat, a supermarket and a sale of chocolates.


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