Quaaludes or Methaqualone, a powerful hypnotic drug

Simon Doyle
Quaaludes or Methaqualone, a powerful hypnotic drug

Quaaludes is a sedative and hypnotic drug that has a behavior similar to that of barbiturates.

What is the Quaaludes?

Quaaludes is a very powerful drug. It causes a sedative-hypnotic effect in the person who consumes it, so at first when it began to be used, it was indicated in the treatment of disorders such as insomnia or as a muscle relaxant.

Later, other types of effects that occurred after its consumption began to be appreciated, which is why it became very famous in the United States and Canada, mainly. These countries began to consume it on a regular basis in festive settings, such as discos and bars..

This sedative was widely used especially in the seventies for its great power to produce euphoria and increased sexual desire. For this reason, it was widely used recreationally to encourage desire and fun..

On the other hand, this drug is closely associated with an event that was tremendously mediated in the United States years ago, when comedian Bill Cosby claimed to use this Quaaludes to be able to have sex with women.

Since this story came to light, hundreds of women denounced the comedian for having used this drug to abuse them. It was a scene that is still remembered today and that everyone associates when they hear about this drug.

In reality, the effects of Quaaludes are very similar to those of alcohol intoxication. What it causes in those who consume it is that their ability to react is reduced and memory lapses are also common.

In this way, the next day the consumer may not remember what has happened while they have been under its influence, something that also happens frequently when alcohol is consumed. Therefore, it can be said that the effects of this drug are similar to those of a binge..

A little history

This drug is derived from methaqualan, which was first synthesized in the early 1950s in India. Since then, this compound has served to replace the traditional barbiturates as it is safer..

Above all, it began to be marketed in Europe and Japan, where it became very popular and was highly prescribed by doctors. In this way, in the mid-sixties it was introduced in Great Britain until it was one of the most consumed products as a sedative.

In parallel, this substance began to be consumed recreationally in the United States, until the government of this country began to control the sale of said drug, since several cases of poisoning warned about the dangers of its use.

Quaaludes effects

This drug produces a number of effects that range from drowsiness to total euphoria in the person who consumes it, depending on how it is done and the amount that is ingested, so you have to be careful when taking it.

It can also produce, being a hypnotic drug, a reduction in heart rate, a decrease in breathing, or numbness in the feet and hands. It is also used as an aphrodisiac, since it can produce an increase in sexual arousal at the time of consumption.

If it is taken in too high a dose, it can cause speech disorders and headaches, among other negative effects. Another of the effects that it can produce is respiratory depression, as well as photophobia, that is, an excessive sensitivity to light.

In the event of an overdose, intoxication by this substance can generate much more serious problems than those previously mentioned. These can even lead to the death of the person who ingested it.

Among the effects it causes are delusions, seizures, vomiting and coma of the patient. Death can occur due to cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest, so the consumption of this substance must be taken very seriously so as not to end up having a scare.

In the case of serious intoxication due to the consumption of this substance, it is essential to go to a hospital so that the patient is treated immediately, since as we have commented, a poisoning due to consumption of Quaaludes can be lethal.

As you can see, Quaaludes is a fairly powerful drug that should be treated with great care, whether used recreationally or under prescription..

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