Immature relationships in the couple, how to detect them

Philip Kelley
Immature relationships in the couple, how to detect them

Immature relationships are very common. This type of bond occurs between people of all ages, since there are those who do not know how to face a relationship in a mature way. If we look around us, we will see that we are surrounded by them. We tell you how to detect them and, above all, how to avoid them.

How to know if we have an immature relationship?

First of all, it is important to detect if the relationship we have is really a mature relationship or not. This is something that many people find it difficult to detect, since they are used to living with a series of unhealthy habits.

By this we mean issues such as jealousy, one of the great evils of many couples. So is the excess of dependence on the other person, which generates insecurity and many other problems in it..

To detect if we have an immature relationship there are many other aspects that we must take into account. One of them is that one or both of the people who make up the immature couple are usually self-centered. This means that the couple's needs are not considered, but only their own needs are taken into account.

Lack of trust and jealousy are also very present in this type of relationship. In this way, the other person feels a need for control and possession that will cause them to intrude on the intimacy of the other..

Clear examples are checking mobile messages or continuous calls and messages to know where the other is. This therefore generates a need for control over the other person that can be very harmful..

Another common characteristic in an immature relationship is that they do not know how to solve their problems. Immature people do not know how to control their emotions, so when faced with a problem they react by screaming, crying and blaming the other for their discomfort.

Communication is one of the great pending subjects in this type of relationship. Its members are unable to communicate properly and are unable to speak constructively, but instead maintain a destructive attitude with themselves and with the other person.

On the other hand, there is the insecurity of one or both parties. This means that people prevent the development of their partners to ensure that they do not evolve, since this generates great fear. In this way, they feel that they are in control of the relationship and maintain control of it..

How to establish a mature relationship

Betting on having a mature relationship implies becoming aware of the harmful attitudes that we ourselves may have. It is also necessary to detect these bad habits in the other person to be able to say no to immature behaviors.

First of all, you have to know that in a mature relationship we have to take into account the needs of the other and make an effort to understand them. Therefore, we must have a certain empathy and put ourselves in the place of the other to understand their needs.

Another very important issue is trust. Within a healthy relationship we must avoid being in control of the other's life to feel safe. Therefore, we must work on self-confidence to avoid falling into these harmful attitudes..

Likewise, we must support the other person to advance in their personal and professional life instead of hindering them. We must celebrate their achievements and become quality companions.

In this sense, it is important to work on our own independence and have our own goals. This way we will respect the personal space of the other and we will have our own motivations. This generates a positive attitude that will carry over to the couple..

It is also important to understand that relationships go through different stages. For this reason, you have to make an effort to maintain love over time and not abandon the first change. A couple is a long-term project that requires the involvement of both parties.

Of course, it's important to plan for the future that includes each other. At the end of the day, our partner is the person with whom we start a life project of our own and who, if everything goes well and we achieve a healthy bond, will be the one with whom we form our own family.

Therefore, it is important that we focus on taking care of all aspects of the relationship to prevent it from resulting in a toxic element and causing us harm. This is a safe bet, since happiness within the couple depends on both feeling comfortable, cared for and valued by the other person..

In short, before starting a relationship we must make sure we are prepared to do it in a healthy way. This way we will avoid getting into immature relationships that end up failing and hurting us.

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