Universities where Congress Deputies studied

Anthony Golden
Universities where Congress Deputies studied

Do you know the universities in which the deputies who represent you in Congress studied? Do you know what university degree they chose to train? Perhaps you have been sitting in the same benches as one of the lordships and you did not know.

If you studied a law degree at the Complutense University of Madrid, these possibilities increase, but in the seats we can also find engineers, doctors, businessmen, journalists or chemists who studied at different public and private universities in Spain..

There are also cases in which they were never able to finish their studies and others in which they have not even filled out the registration papers.

Here is an infographic of the Congress, with which you can get an idea of ​​the profile of each deputy. Maybe you will have a surprise!

As highlights:

  • 11% do not have a university degree.
  • Most of the deputies who attend private universities are from the PP.
  • The vast majority have studied law.

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