19 Examples of Project Justification

Jonah Lester
19 Examples of Project Justification

The justification of a project is the text written by a researcher or person working on a project, to explain why it is important to carry out said project and the consequences it may have.

The justification of a project is important, since it is critical when trying to convince or justify the reasons for preparing the research work or project. This section generally also defines the problem to be treated; Accurate descriptions of the problem situation can be given by using, quotes, examples, references and information.

If the project involves convincing other people, the proposed solutions must appear in the justification to solve the problem efficiently. In this way, there will be a higher possibility of convincing donors or people in charge to approve the work..

In research papers, this section should justify virtually everything that is done. Critics may doubt the validity or relevance of the findings if they believe that something is not correct, so each aspect of the study design must have an appropriate justification..

Therefore, rational logic must be applied to each aspect of the study. The reasons and importance of the study must appear in the justification. Questions about why this research is being done and why the study is relevant are generally answered.

For these reasons, the justification must have a great knowledge of the subject under investigation. You should know the objectives and the delimitation, as well as some references from previous work related to the project.

Examples of justification of a project

1- Chino Winds demonstration project

Prior to 1992, the Yavapai Ranch was operated in a fairly traditional way. More than 2/3 of the ranch was not fenced and irrigation was very poor. The cattle roamed free all year round this entire portion of the ranch.

Although the vegetation was abundant, much of this portion of the ranch was unused; areas preferred by livestock, especially those near water-dependent sources in periods of drought, were used extensively by animals.

The poor distribution of cattle and grazing throughout the year at the Yavapai Ranch prior to 1992 provides an opportunity for stewardship..

Time-controlled grazing is expected to provide an improvement in vegetative cover in historically used areas of the ranch, while maintaining a viable livestock operation..

two- Proposal for computer centers to create jobs

This project will focus on the proposal for computer centers to train and create employment opportunities for local youth. This intervention can be achieved since local government policies will provide support for such activities..

This support will come in the form of some subsidy in the area of ​​infrastructure and in the area of ​​finding and subsidizing technicians capable of training young people..

3- Cloud-based management infrastructure research

The main motivation behind this project was to keep information and customers at the same time. To keep the two in a parallel way, cloud management will be a better and superior solution today.

The cloud is an additional aggregate administrative arrangement in itself, only a small group of individuals will be required to maintain all the functionality of the cloud..

To help those individuals monitor, block, and check backup management, there are extra procedures in cloud management..

4- Micro-financial intervention project for low-income families

We want to propose a micro-financial intervention for low-income families in the region so that they can have some savings to educate their children.

This project would be viable since many people in the region are interested in microfinance. Additionally, some self-help group activities have been carried out in the area.

In addition, there are opportunities available for such microfinance activities in the region; for example, banks are willing to grant small loans to organized microfinance groups.

5- Effects of the implementation of the VAT collection system in the United Arab Emirates

Six members of the Gulf Countries Cooperation (GCC) agreed to launch a common market to increase investment and trade among GCC members.

To facilitate investment and trade, member countries agreed to implement a value added tax (VAT) system by 2012. It is critical that the basic principles and implications of the VAT tax regime are thoroughly examined and understood prior to its implementation. adoption.

The purpose of this initiative is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the proposed VAT system and how it could affect the economies of the countries that implement it..

We also want to identify the potential risks to the economies of these countries and formulate options to mitigate those risks..

6- Thesis on the implementation of public policies

The problem of this research is to determine how the implementation of adaptation policies were handled in universities and colleges of advanced education..

It is also necessary to examine the implications for a theory of implementation thereof..

7- Study on the benefits of reading aloud to students

An oral reading of a book is planned, usually related to a topic seen in a previous lesson in class.

It is important to read aloud as this method makes the student learn to listen. At the same time, an interest in the subject is created and general knowledge is developed.

This method also improves comprehension skills and nurtures the student's critical thinking..

8- Research on the work of Professor Jane Jones

You want to carry out a study on Professor Jane Jones since she was a pioneer in the development of the research field of Social Studies.

This professor established herself very strongly within the field of general studies; their great enthusiasm and ambition in the development of new research methods can be highlighted.

These methods include the Jones Test of Variability, which has become a standard tool in the science of Social Studies..

Jones also has a strong record of publishing his work in scientific journals in his field. Jones has written and co-edited a significant amount of work in the area of ​​Social Sciences.

9- Proposal to implement a new data entry system in a company

This company has a lot of data collection to do for an upcoming event.

Those individuals who work in customer service have been entering information with the old system, but they have had several errors and the process does not progress quickly..

For this reason, we want to implement this new proposed data entry system. New data entries would be made much faster, and more importantly, specifically for each individual responsible for each task..

10- Research on the ethical treatment of laboratory animals

Research using laboratory animals should be conducted only if it has a clear scientific purpose. There must be a reasonable explanation that the research will increase knowledge of the processes being studied.

Additionally, it must provide results that will benefit the health and benefit of humans, as well as other animals..

The scientific purpose of the research must have great potential to justify the use of animals. The spices chosen for the study should be the most appropriate to answer the questions asked..

Animal research should not be conducted until the protocol has been reviewed by an appropriate animal care committee to ensure that the procedures are appropriate..

11- Project to grow tomatoes in Ghana

Tomatoes are widely used as a food source as they are available all year round, both in preserved and fresh forms..

Tomato production in Ghana is a very lucrative business, despite many production setbacks. It is a source of employment for farmers and for that reason it is a source of income that maintains their lifestyle..

Compared to the other vegetables used in gana, the tomato is normally used in large quantities. The cultivated crop can be used in the fresh market or it can be processed into other foods.

12- Study on the implementation of cooperative marketing companies in poor farmers

Farmers with few marketing skills fall into poverty and migration. That is why we want to reinforce the contributions and the capacity of construction of farmers in organizational collective marketing.

Collective marketing through a community based cooperative enterprises is a successful model that has been proven as a sustainable development of lifestyles..

13- Investigation of the work of Florence Pinchback

It is known that the eminence of Florence and her contribution to the broad Social Sciences have been quite great.

Her contribution to the field of social science through her thought leadership on social issues and Social Studies make her the perfect candidate for in-depth research on her contributions.

14- Investigation of the regular use of cell phones in children under 18 years of age

This part of the population is more exposed to the consequences that could be observed after the continuous use of cell phones.

For this reason we want to study the potential dangers that this habit could present; as well as inform about possible solutions to the consequences of prolonged use of cell phones.

15- Study on the Chinese Empire

We want to analyze the different military and political processes that made the Chinese empire become one of the most powerful cultures in history.

In this way, you will be able to learn more details about this historical culture that has been lost over the years..

16 - Study on the reproduction of sockeye salmon in the province of British Columbia in Canada

The following research will aim to observe and analyze the reproductive habits of sockeye salmon in the province of British Columbia in Canada, since thanks to recent environmental changes in the world, the water temperature has increased and said population has changed..

The influence of man in the transformation of the earth's surface, the exploitation of natural resources, among other factors related to the economic activity of human beings, have dramatically modified the habitat of sockeye salmon in Canada.

For this reason, this document will give the possibility of showing the changes that the sockeye salmon has had to develop in order to adapt to the new conditions of its habitat and ecosystem..

In the same way, it will delve into the gradual and accelerated adaptation processes that the species has suffered..

It will also offer a look at the agents that have mainly affected climate change in the Canadian province of British Columbia that have affected the sockeye salmon population..

17 - Analysis of the effects of cell phone use in the young population

The following research focuses on showing the negative effects that exposure and constant use of cellular equipment can have.

This work focuses mainly on middle-class youth, since they are the population that can most easily be affected by constant exposure to electronic devices..

The risks involved in continuous exposure to cell phones and similar devices, the relationship that such exposure has with people's cultural and social habits, and the most common health conditions linked to such exposure will be studied..

18 - Study on the evolution of personnel recruitment models in the world

The reasons that led to this investigation are related to the reasons that lead companies to hire their staff and the models they use to do so.

A detailed analysis will be made of how companies have changed their hiring patterns throughout history, the duration of the contracts they offer, the selection processes they use and the type of personnel they seek.

This research aims to establish generalities about the issue of personnel recruitment models in the global and local panorama in different regions of the world..

19 - Incidence of TV series on the perception of reality

This research seeks to analyze the way in which series broadcast on television affect people's perception of the world around them.

This is how common stereotypes are analyzed and confronted with reality, to determine if the attitude of viewers towards certain issues such as drug addiction, couple relationships, labor relations, among others, corresponds to reality..

To carry out this study, famous series of drug cartels, United States politics, police and criminal investigation, and medieval history, and the social, political and historical reality of countries such as Colombia, the United States and France will be analyzed..


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