EFT the Emotional Freedom Technique

Abraham McLaughlin

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a set of techniques that allow you to achieve emotional healing in a comfortable and reasonably simple way. It is a method that is available to all of us.


  • What exactly is the Emotional Freedom Technique?
  • What is the origin of the Emotional Freedom Technique?
  • What problems can be treated with EFT?
  • What are the benefits of EFT?

What exactly is the Emotional Freedom Technique?

The basic idea behind EFT is that when a human being faces any type of negative situation, there is a whole set of emotions that surface and unbalance the nervous system..

These emotions, in a sense, are recorded in our brain (and affecting certain organs and points of the body), so if we are not able to process and assimilate what happened correctly, we will be faced with an emotion that will be reproduced periodically and that will cause us physical, mental and emotional harm.

In terms of practical application, EFT is similar to acupuncture, although what is known as Tapping is used instead of needles. Tapping is tapping at the same points where acupuncture needles are inserted.

Through these taps, we can achieve an energy balance and gradually release all that emotion that is blocking us and is preventing us from living giving 100%.

The best thing about this technique is that, in some cases, improvement is noticeable as soon as the first session ends. Of course, depending on the severity of each case, a greater number of sessions may be necessary to release those emotions..

Thanks to EFT we will be able to release the energy flows of our body, making it circulate in a more efficient way and getting them to balance, substantially improving our quality of life..

What is the origin of the Emotional Freedom Technique?

Like so many other similar techniques, the Emotional Freedom Technique has its origin in oriental medicine and kinesiology, although it is also combined with other less frequent techniques, such as traditional psychology.

And it is that, throughout the process of releasing energy that is carried out, techniques of conventional psychology are used to investigate what happened, until exactly locating the trauma, identifying it, and being able to determine how to heal it.

For its part, oriental medicine is the basis of the essence of the technique: We have health to the extent that energy flows through the circuits of our body in a free way and without any type of blockage..

Finally, from kinesiology it obtains the diagnostic and biofeedback system (that is, the means with which the body's processes are controlled with the aim of increasing relaxation and reducing pain and discomfort).

What problems can be treated with EFT?

EFT can treat a wide variety of psychological and emotional problems. However, as a general rule, it is usually used in the following cases:

  • Worries, stress, anxiety, phobias, and traumatic experiences
  • Tiredness and exhaustion.
  • Depression, anger, resentment, sadness, and mood swings.
  • Insecurity and low self-esteem.

As you can see, EFT can be used to heal a large number of emotional ailments that prevent us from developing and giving 100% in our day to day. That is why, in recent times, more and more people turn to it.

What are the benefits of EFT?

Lastly, let's talk about what are the benefits of EFT. And, after all, there are many other techniques to which we can go to solve our emotional problems. Why should we stick with the Emotional Freedom Technique?

Well, these are some of its advantages:

  • It is easy to apply to practically any emotional discomfort (and also some physical ones).
  • It is carried out in a gentle way, it does not harm the body.
  • It is effective and long-lasting and the first results are noticeable after a very short time.
  • It has no side effects.
  • You can apply it yourself.
  • It allows to improve both emotional health and self-image, in addition to producing positive effects that other more conventional therapies cannot produce..

As you can see, the advantages of EFT are clear. In view of them, it should not be surprising that more and more people are using this technique to heal their emotional problems (as well as other ailments on a spiritual and physical level)..

As you can see, EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a great way to unblock those feelings that do not allow us to move forward in our day to day, causing us uneasiness and even pain..

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