Short and simple prose examples (romantic, medieval, essay, short story)

Basil Manning

The prose It is the way in which the writing of the texts is carried out without the rules that come from the writing of the verses. It is the used and versatile structure to elaborate reports, stories and poems in prose form.

This style of expression has a natural structure, by virtue of the fact that it lacks meter and rhyme, therefore it is the opposite of verse. Prose is related to the common form of language, therefore it is presented in different ways.

Representation of the play Don Juan Tenorio, by José de Zorrilla, sample of romantic prose in theater. Source: Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Thus, it is found in novels, essays, stories, letters, educational material, speeches, among others. As explained, prose can be literary, non-literary, and colloquial. Its main intention is to express ideas directly and bluntly.

The use of prose in poetry resulted in the flexibility of the rules to write about the deepest feelings of the human being, without resorting to verses with consonant and assonance rhymes. Sentences allow giving a broad meaning to the ideas to be expressed.

In technical texts, prose is used in an impersonal way, to explain phenomena or situations objectively, according to the guidelines of the scientific method. It is widely used to write consulting reports, research, special degree projects, degree projects, doctoral theses and refereed articles..

Essays allow us to express our ideas on a known topic, following the structure of introduction, content and conclusion. In them, prose allows to express content of multiple kinds in a flexible way, taking into account the economy of language..

Article index

  • 1 Examples of technical prose
    • 1.1 - Fundraising Report
    • 1.2 - Introduction of a degree project
    • 1.3 - Personal letter
    • 1.4 - Witness report
    • 1.5 - Meeting minutes
    • 1.6 - Opinion article
  • 2 Examples of romantic prose
    • 2.1 - The doncel of Don Enrique the Sorrowful 
    • 2.2 - Matritenses scenes
  • 3 Examples of medieval prose
    • 3.1 - First general chronicle
  • 4 Examples in trials
    • 4.1 - Of sadness
    • 4.2 - Politics and philosophy: Freedom. Equality. Fraternity
  • 5 Examples in stories
    • 5.1 - "Tale of the canon's servant"
    • 5.2 - Pulpete and Balbeja: a handsome duel
  • 6 Examples in educational texts
    • 6.1 - The seven games of Alfonso X The Wise
    • 6.2 - The criterion of Jaime Balmes Urpía
  • 7 Examples in letters
    • 7.1 - Victor Hugo
    • 7.2 - Letter from Michel de Montaigne to Mademoiselle Paulmier
  • 8 Other examples
    • 8.1 - Novel
    • 8.2 - Theater
    • 8.3 - Poem in prose
    • 8.4 - Children's story
    • 8.5 - Opinion articles
  • 9 References

Technical prose examples

The following examples of the use of prose in different settings are presented:

- Fundraising Report

Serve here to send the ticket sales report between the months of July and December 2016, in which the amount collected versus the raffle is detailed. Its conclusion is as follows:

One thousand US dollars (USD 1,000.00) were obtained from the sale of tickets for the benefit of a patient, who is in serious condition in a health center and his family is in a vulnerable situation.

- Introduction of a degree project

The study company is located in the electrical conductor manufacturing sector in the region, with a workforce of two thousand (2000) workers and an installed capacity of seventy percent (70%). There are difficulties in the supply of imported raw materials due to international price increases and price controls in the country.

Therefore, it is necessary to know what the difficulties and possible solutions are within the current regulatory framework..

- Personal letter

Receive a cordial greeting.

I am writing these lines to inform you that I have received the good news that I will be able to visit you during the December break together with my family group. So I hope I can count on your help to find accommodations that are good, beautiful and cheap. We want to be able to share with you on such important dates with your family and other loved ones.

I await your response.

Love to the family.

- Witness report

The purpose of the report is to present the income relationship of the aforementioned citizen, during the period between the months of October 2016 and April 2017. The average monthly income is two thousand four hundred and fifty US dollars (USD 2,450.00).

My opinion corresponds to the review of the documentation presented by the client, based on the attached income statement. The veracity of the information is your responsibility.

Addressed to the interested banking entity, on the date of its presentation.

- Record of meeting

The meeting began on January 7, 2017 at 7:00 pm in the conference room, with the presence of the required quorum. The points on the payment of the extraordinary payments pending for defaulters and the start of the project to improve the club's facilities were discussed..

From the first point it was established to set a deadline of February 28 of the currents to catch up. From the second point it was agreed to start on April 1 of the currents.

- Opinion article

The lack of values ​​within society is mainly due to problems within families, which are the fundamental cell of society.

The State must support the initiatives of non-governmental organizations and jointly coordinate action plans to support families with training, education and entrepreneurship programs. The ministers of the social area must coordinate joint work in this regard, to plan, program and execute said programs..

Examples of romantic prose

- The Doncel of Don Enrique the Sorrowful 

This work was written in 1834 by Mariano José de Larra and belongs to the genre of the heroic novel.

“Nothing more common at that time than these combinations of stones and that loving language of hieroglyphics in nicknames, colors, companies and loops. A silversmith from Burgos had artistically set, at Macías's request, in the same ring those six stones, whose translation Elvira had so singularly succeeded because of a presentiment without a doubt from her heart ...

“… She had lost the significance of a stone, which is not surprising, she was not very advanced in the art of the lapidary; but instead he had understood the mistake of the silversmith, who had meant the v with the b, initial for brilliant; neither the quid pro quo of the silversmith nor Elvira's wisdom had anything special in a time when neither silversmiths nor lovers knew spelling. The number, however, of the stones, and the placement of the known ones, did not leave the slightest darkness about the intention of the one who had ordered the ring to be made ".

- Matritenses scenes

This work was written by Ramón de Mesonero Romanos in 1842 and belongs to the genre of paintings of customs.

“He observed that at his age (he was already thirty years old) he still did not know how to dance the bolero, nor sing the Tirana, nor had he been able to take sides between Costillares and Romero, nor did he know what throwing candies at Manolito García was; things all very reasoned, and that to serve me of a Gallo-modern expression, they were all the rage for those times of grace ".

Examples of medieval prose

- First general chronicle

This work was written by Alfonso X the wise between 1270 and 1274 and belongs to the genre of historiography.

“Spain is abundant with crops, delicious with fruit, vicious with fish, tasty with milk and all the things that are grown from it; lena de uenados et de caça, covered with cattle, lush with horses, rich with mules, safe and bastide of castiellos, happy for good uinos, ffolded with abundance of bread; rich in metals, lead, stanne, argentine, iron, arambre, silver, gold, precious stones ...

“Spain above all is engenious, daring and hard working in battle, light in effort, loyal to the Lord, settled in study, palatial in word, complimenting all good… Ay Espanna! non a language nin engenno that can tell your good ".

Examples in trials

- Of sadness

This work was written by Michel de Montaigne in 1580.

“I am one of the most exempt from this passion and I do not feel any inclination or love towards it, although society has agreed as just remuneration to honor it with its special favor; in the world wisdom, virtue, and conscience are disguised with it; ugly and stupid ornament ...

"The saner Italians have called it malignancy, because it is an always harmful quality, always crazy and as such always cowardly and low: the Stoics forbade sadness to their disciples ...".

- Politics and philosophy: Freedom. Equality. Fraternity

This work was written by José de Espronceda in 1836.

“These three evangelical words are the scare of the oppressors of the earth, the motto and hope of humanity. The peoples pronounce them with enthusiasm, the free victors repeat them with joy, and secretly exult the hearts of the oppressed.

"They are the symbol of the universal alliance, the current mission of modern Europe and the end to which nations run over rough paths and through seas of blood in their daring and risky march ...

“But when they were proclaimed, they were not always understood by the masses; and freedom, which they could barely understand, comparing it with the servitude that they had just shaken, was not enough to exist by itself, in isolation, nor to establish anything fixed without the clear intelligence of words. equality Y fraternity. The catechism of modern freedom is in them summarized ... ".

Examples in stories

- "Tale of the canon's servant"

This work belongs to The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, written in 1476.

“Bad luck has been. I am so used to blowing fire that this, I suppose, has changed the color of my face. I don't usually look at myself in mirrors, but I work toilingly trying to transmute metals. We are always astray and we contemplate the fire without stopping, but despite all our hope we never achieve our desire ...

“Many of us cheat and others we borrow something like a pound or two, or ten, or twelve and even greater amounts, and thus we make them believe that we will double their money at least. But everything is false, because, although our wishes are good, they cannot be realized, and certainly not for lack of trials ...

"However, the science of alchemy is so far away from us that we are not able to reach it, and, let us say what it is, it always ends up sliding until it turns us into beggars ...".

- Pulpete and Balbeja: a duel of handsome men

This work was written by Serafín Estébanez Calderón in the first half of the 19th century.

"Along the area of ​​the Santa Ana square, straightening up to a certain expensive hermitage, two men walked with measured steps, clearly showing the ground that gave them being ...

“The one who measured the little boy in the street, taller than the other, like a half-twin, fitted the wide Ecijano hat with a beaded jerbilla, attached to a ribbon as black as his sins; the cloak was gathered under one sinister arm; the right, standing on top of a turquoise hood, showed the unborn merino coat with silver hinges ... ".

Examples in educational texts

- The seven games by Alfonso X The Wise

“With good air and outings, it must be the town where they want to establish the study, because the teachers who show the knowledge and the schoolchildren who learn it live healthy, and in it they can relax and receive pleasure in the afternoon when they get up tired from studying. ; and other yes it must be abundant with bread and wine, and with good inns where they can dwell and spend their time without great expense ... ".

- The critery by Jaime Balmes Urpía

“Dialecticians commonly distinguish between the method of teaching and that of invention. On one and the other I am going to make some observations ...

“Teaching has two objects: first, to instruct students in the elements of science; second, to develop their talent so that when they leave school they can make the advances commensurate with their ability ...

“It might seem that these two objects are only one, however they are not. The first is reached by all teachers who have a moderate degree of science; only those of outstanding merit arrive at the second. For the first, it is enough to know the chain of some facts and propositions whose set forms the body of science; For the second, it is necessary to know how the chain that links one end to the other has been constructed; For the first, men who know books are enough; for the second, men who know things are necessary ... ".

Examples in letters

- By Victor Hugo

"My lovely and adored,

I have been wondering if such happiness is not a dream. It seems to me that what I feel is not earthly. I still can't understand this cloudless sky. All my soul is yours. My Adele, why is there no other word for this apart from 'joy'? Is it because human speech does not have the power to express so much happiness? ... ".

- Letter from Michel de Montaigne to Mademoiselle Paulmier

“Miss, my friends know that from the point where I saw you I was assigning you reed from my books, because I noticed that you had given them the highest honor. But the courtesy of Mr. Paulmier takes away the means of putting it in your hands, having later forced me much more than my book is worth ...

“You will accept it, if it pleases you, as if it had been yours before I should have, and you will grant me the mercy of accepting it kindly, either because of his affection or because of my own; and I will fully keep the debt contracted with Mr. Paulmier to retaliate, if possible, with some service ... ".

Other examples

- Novel

Mary by Jorge Isaacs

María de Jorge Isaacs, (1899), example of a prose novel. Source: Éditions Mateu [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
“One afternoon, afternoon like those in my country, adorned with violet clouds and pale gold fields, beautiful like Mary, beautiful and transitory as this was for me, my sister and I, sitting on the wide stone of the slope, from where we could see to the right in the deep valley the bustling currents of the river roll, having at our feet the majestic and quiet valley, I was reading the episode of Atala ... ".

- Theater

Don Juan Tenorio by José Zorrilla

“The rivals count the dead and the women seduced. At the end, Don Juan remains the winner; However, don Luis challenges him again by telling don Juan that what is missing on the list is “a novice who is ready to profess”, then don Juan again bets don Luis that he will conquer a novice and that, in addition , he will take away his fiancée, Dona Ana de Pantoja.

  1. Lewis:

Oh! And your list is complete.

  1. Juan:

From a royal princess

to the daughter of a fisherman,

Oh, my love has traveled

the whole social scale.

Do you have something to cross out?

  1. Lewis:

Only one you lack in justice.

  1. Juan:

Can you point it out to me?

  1. Lewis:

Yes, by the way: a novice

what is there to profess.

  1. Juan:

Bah! Well I will please you

doubly, because I tell you

that I will join the novice

the lady of a friend

that to marry is ... ".

La Celestina by Fernando de Rojas

“Those who, from their absent lands, often fail to consider what that place where they depart with the greatest harm or lack suffers in order to serve their fellow countrymen, from whom they have received benefit at some time; and seeing that legitimate obligation to investigate the like compelled me to pay the many grants of your free liberality received, seldom withdrawn in my chamber ...

"... lying on my own hand, casting my senses for winners and my judgment to bolar, I was reminded not only of the need that our common country has for the present work by the multitude of gallants and in love young men that it possesses, but still in particular your very person, whose youth of love being a prey, I am represented as having seen him and cruelly hurt ... ".

- Prose poem

The green plain generates a feeling of beauty, of peace, of how positive life has. Brings up feelings of hope and optimism in the face of life changes.

Rain is the main nutrient that allows this great phenomenon of nature, which is simple and at the same time overwhelming. The fauna and flora contemplate the wonders in the plain. All the stories that are given there are extraordinary.

- Childish story

Once upon a time there was a family made up of mom, dad and three sisters. They lived on the outskirts of town, in a simple stone house, with two rooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a fireplace..

The father was a clerk, the mother a school teacher, and the daughters studied there. In the morning the family went to their places, to school and work. At noon the ladies returned home to do housework and homework..

- Opinion articles

The use of social networks

Social networks (RRSS) are means of communication that are available to all those interested in sharing content of different kinds with other users in real time.

The most popular social networks are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. The important thing for each user is to verify the veracity of the information, since at present false information is presented and care must be taken when reading and analyzing said content, looking for its sources.

The importance of censuses

Censuses are survey processes carried out by the Statistics institutes of each country to the population. The purpose of this process is to update information about the socioeconomic classification by stratum and the conformation of each household..

The usefulness of this procedure allows to reform or formulate public policies in economic and social matters.


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