The power to activate positive thoughts

Robert Johnston
The power to activate positive thoughts

Being positive is an attitude that is acquired; thinking is a powerful force, we own our thoughts.

We have thoughts that perhaps we do not know where they come from, we must start a path of self-knowledge to know where they come from, because we constantly do things that we do not want to do, obtaining unwanted results, although we are the owners of our thoughts, we are being dominated by our subconscious, those thoughts are the ones that determine what happens in your life, thoughts direct your emotions, your emotions direct your behavior. If we dominated the mind we would dominate our emotions.


  • The role of the brain in regulating thought
    • The analytical mind
    • The reactive mind
  • Beliefs, emotions and action
  • Positive thoughts

The role of the brain in regulating thought

The brain is the vehicle by which we can process thoughts, it is the organ that processes information, through the mind the thoughts we have are managed.

Emotions are stored in your brain, they arise involuntarily. It is our responsibility and if we wish to modify our thoughts it is possible.

The thoughts are generated by the beliefs that we have ingrained, it is those beliefs that define reality. When you are aware of it you start to be careful with your thoughts.

The analytical mind

The analytical mind is the one that controls consciousness, it is the one we use, it is the one that thinks, observes, reasons, remembers, makes decisions and solves problems..

The reactive mind

The reactive mind, the one that belongs to our unconsciousness. Keep memories of negative and positive moments. In moments of intense pain, the reactive mind takes control, recording what happens in its storehouse that is not available for conscious recall..

Beliefs, emotions and action

Emotions always move us, that is, to each emotion there is an action.

You can start to identify what you think of yourself, others, situations, etc., then become aware that you can modify them at will.

Ask yourself if you can be, feel, act differently from the one you learned, you can modify something that you do not like or that is not functional for you.

You can still learn that you own your thoughts and emotions despite the circumstances..

You can be a better version of yourself, changing the way you see things, forming more rational and positive thoughts..

A negative, irrational thought can make you see things as catastrophic, unbearable, unsustainable, this is not necessarily an absolute truth, what? Yes, you may be going through a difficult situation, but that does not mean that it is catastrophic and unbearable. . We tend to exaggerate what happens, so we perceive reality in an irrational and unfocused way.

Emotions are perceived in our blood with doses of various chemical substances that go into our bloodstream at a certain moment because of some stimulus..

Thoughts generate an emotion (emotion releases toxins into our body).

It is worth doing a job of introspection, identifying, analyzing, reflecting on what is useful to us and what is not about what we have learned.

Most of the beliefs we have are not originally from us, that is, we learned and heard them from other people.

Sometimes, these beliefs have served us for good and at other times, they have limited us to get what we want in our life.

Limiting beliefs control our life, it is good to detect what are the beliefs that limit you to have growth.

We leave you here today some of the positive thoughts that can help you start the day, do not hesitate to internalize them and start acting accordingly..

Positive thoughts

  • I can't change my past, but I can have a better future.
  • What I have learned I can improve it and be better.
  • I can create excellent opportunities.
  • I can be persistent and achieve my goals.
  • I can.
  • I am able to do good things for myself and for others.
  • My day is how I want to see it.
  • I am a magnificent person.
  • My thoughts are positive.
  • Every day i feel better.
  • I am the protagonist of my life.
  • Despite the mistakes, I know that I can learn, repair, move on.
  • Difficult or crisis moments are temporary, tomorrow will be a brighter day.
  • I am a valuable person.
  • I can be as proactive as I want to.
  • I make myself and I am responsible for my life.

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