Top 10 Animals that Start with Q's Most Outstanding

Simon Doyle

Between the animals that start with the letter Q there are quirquinchos, lammergeiers, queleas, quetzals, quinaquinas, quíscalos, chitones and quoles. Even though they are few and their names are unusual, they are very interesting species.

For example, the quinaquina and the quetzal are birds with impressive plumage due to their color, which distinguishes them from others of their species. For their part, the quols are surprising due to their physical characteristics. This animal is currently on the way to extinction and is believed to still survive in Tasmania.

The most relevant animals that begin with Q

1- Quirquincho

It is a small animal of approximately 50 cm long and 2 kilos in weight, whose body is covered by a kind of armor that serves to protect itself.

It is also called an armadillo and inhabits almost the entire geography of South America. It is striking that in order to defend itself from threats, it is capable of rolling over itself to become an impenetrable ball.

2- Bearded vulture

Of the genus of birds that are environmental cleaners, this species can measure about 3 meters and is classified as an ancient vulture that has evolved.

It differs from other vultures because there are feathers on its head; In addition, it breaks the bones that it gets to extract the marrow that serves as food.

3- Quelea

Thousands of queleas in a crop

It is an amazing bird. It is a small bird with a red beak, present in almost the entire African continent, very abundant because it does not have threats and they reproduce quickly.

They are considered a real pest because they feed on seeds. They have gone so far as to consume entire crops when they attack a field in flocks of thousands.

Many ways have been used to scare them away, but their population has not decreased.

4- Quetzal


Considered the most beautiful bird on Earth, it has a beautiful emerald green plumage, which is the fascination of many people.

For this reason, the quetzal is highly persecuted, since its long tail feathers are commercialized..

It is a representative bird of a Central American god; that is why the rulers had to wear quetzal tail feathers, to show greater hierarchy. In the same way, the bird was associated with the image of that god.

5- Quinaquina

It is a bird with exceptional plumage due to its beauty and anatomical configuration, which gives the impression of having an aureole or a kind of crown on its head..

It is native to the Amazon and belongs to the parrot family. It is also called the Cacique Parrot or the Hawk Parrot and is highly appreciated for its great beauty..

6- Fuck it

It is a species of blackbird, which are large birds with a long tail. The quíscalo is found in Central America, there it receives the names of carrte and magpie.

In some countries they are despised because they tend to steal food, finish crops and invade other people's spaces.

It is characterized by its considerable size for a bird and by its very varied song; in groups they are usually very boisterous. The color of its plumage is black in males, and dark brown in females..

7- Chiton


It is a tiny mollusk, better known as the water cockroach. Although it seems insignificant, it has the unique property in the animal species to produce an iron mineral called magnetite.

Thanks to the magnetite, its teeth are very hard and it can grind the stone to get its food on the seabed..

8- Quol

It is a carnivore typical of the Tasmania region, in Australia. It belongs to the genus of marsupials and its fur has white spots. Some people manage to tame it and then it lives like a pet.

9- Common Chimera

Also known as donkey, cat, shotgun or guinea, it is a fish located in the northeast of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It is found 300-500 meters deep and is oviparous. They can be up to 1.5 meters long and live for about 30 years..

10- Quokka

Unique marsupial of its kind, the Setonix. They are distributed by Australia, they are nocturnal and herbivorous. It is known as "the happiest animal in the world", because the features of its face draw a smile that make this animal a very nice species.


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