The 12 Animals That Start With J Most Outstanding

Anthony Golden

Between the animals that start with J The horse mackerel, the jicotea, the gerbil, the jochi, the wild boar, the jabirú, the jaguar, the genet, the giraffe and the goldfinch stand out..

Some are little known for coming from specific regions, such as the jochi, a typical Bolivian animal; or the jabirú, a species of large stork that has been declared in danger of extinction.

Others are more popular, such as horse mackerel, a fish with tasty meat; or the giraffe, whose height is the most particular and attractive of this animal.

List of animals beginning with J

1- Horse mackerel

It is a small fish that is abundant in the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic and also in the Mediterranean Sea..

It is part of the group of blue fish highly valued for its high content of healthy fats. Its appearance is striking: it is elongated, has shiny scales and its coloration is bluish..

As it is considered a very healthy food, its commercialization has increased and it is also processed to be sold in cans..

2- Jicotea

Is avariety of turtle with a brightly colored shell that is found in Colombian localities and in some populations of northern Venezuela.

It lives in swampy lands and is considered the staple food in certain regions where they hunt them and destroy their eggs..


3- gerbil

Although little known, it belongs to the group of animals that can be considered domestic pets..

They are physically characterized by being small, slightly larger than a mouse, with a long sensitive tail. They are not aggressive, but require wood to gnaw on, as their teeth and nails grow quickly.

4- Jochi pintao

With that denomination it is known in Bolivia, although it has many names such as paca, lapa and picuro, among others..

It belongs to the genus of small-sized rodents. It is frightened by the presence of humans or other animals and hides in burrows or jumps into the water, because it is a great swimmer.

5- Wild boar

It is from the same family as domestic pigs; in fact, it is considered a pig in the wild. It differs in certain features from its relatives, especially in its thick fur.

Wild boar hunting is famous in some countries since the meat is highly valued. The trophy is usually the fangs that come out of the jaw of the animal.

This practice has been regulated in some nations but not in others..

6- Jabirú


It is included in the group of storks and stands out for its height: it measures more than one and a half meters. The spread of its wings is three meters in length; It is the largest bird in Mexico.

It is also classified within the genus of birds that do not emit a special song; they are the so-called dumb birds. It is an endangered species.

7- Jaguar

At present it is another of the animals with the threat of disappearing, since it has been the victim of a great extermination and indiscriminate hunting to obtain its skin and teeth..

It is included in the genre phantera; of the felines it is the third in size and ferocity. It is a skilled hunter, climber and swimmer, so it tends to catch its prey.

8- Jineta

It is a wild and carnivorous animal that feeds on rabbits, rats, mice, and other rodents. Its habits are mostly nocturnal and it stands out for its great ability as a hunter.

In some regions it is called a wildcat, but it is not a domestic animal nor can it be kept as a pet at home. It is very widespread in southern Europe.

9- Giraffe

It comes from Africa. It is the tallest animal species on the planet, since it can reach 6 meters.

It has horns like those of cows and a long black tongue with which it takes its food (herbs, branches and thorns) and other objects.

It is very sociable and usually shares spaces with other species such as zebras, who benefit from the size of giraffes to see danger from a distance..

10- Goldfinch

Classified as a songbird, it is a small bird very common in tropical forests. It stands out from other species for its plumage of showy and striking colors.

It is a bird of great popularity for its sonorous and melodic song, but for that reason it is captured for captivity..

11- Jaguarundí

Also known as jaju or Moorish cat. It is a feline that is distributed throughout the different ecosystems of America, from Texas to Argentina. It is a very adaptive mammal, since it can live both in coastal areas and at high altitudes in the Andes..

Small in size compared to other species in its family, it measures approximately 50-70 cm and can weigh 10 kilos.

12- Long-tailed Jaeger

Bird with gray or black plumage and white breast. Its main characteristic is the dimension of its tail, which can reach 15 centimeters, being very large in proportion to the size of its body..

It lives in cold climates, mainly in the Arctic of North America and Eurasia. He is known as jaeger (hunter in German), for his abilities to capture prey with which to feed.


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