The 15 Animals That Start With A Most Relevant

Egbert Haynes
The 15 Animals That Start With A Most Relevant

Between the animals that start with the letter A The lovebirds, the anaconda, the squirrel and the elk stand out. Many are very common in nature and can be seen in green spaces in the city. Others live in areas less accessible to humans.

These animals are of different families and species, and each one has its special function in ecosystems..

List of animals that begin with the letter A

1- Squirrel

The squirrel is a rodent that inhabits various ecosystems, among which the green areas in large cities stand out..

They are small, red and sometimes with a little black. They have a long, furry tail of the same color.

2- Ostrich

The ostrich is the largest known bird. Unlike the rest, this one does not fly, although thanks to its wings it runs faster.

Their feathers are black and also white. It lives in desert areas.

3- Anaconda

It is considered one of the largest snakes in the world. Specimens up to two meters long have been found.

They inhabit South America, more specifically in humid areas of the Amazon, between Venezuela and Colombia.

4- Bald Eagle

Bald eagles are strong birds. They can fly very quickly. Although their name indicates it, they are not bald.

They have white plumage on their heads. They feed mainly on fish, although they also eat carrion.

5- Scorpion

Also known as scorpions, scorpions are arachnids that can be found both in the jungles and deserts as well as in the city..

This is so given its easy adaptability to the environment; in fact, it can withstand high temperatures. There are more than a thousand known species and at least 50 are dangerous for humans.

6- moose

They are the giants of the cervine family. They are strong and heavy and look very similar to a deer. They are brownish brown.

7- Accentor

It is a type of melodious bird that lives in several countries in Europe. It is brownish-brown in color with some black features.

They normally walk low in trees and bushes.

8- Agaporni

It is a type of melodious bird that lives in several countries in Europe. It is brownish-brown in color with some black features.

They normally walk in the lower part of the trees and bushes.

9- Agama

They are reptiles that inhabit Africa and India. They eat small insects. Its body is rough, scaled, with a long tail and a flat body..

10- Ass

The donkey, like the horses, is an animal of the equidae family. They are approximately five feet tall.

They are grayish in color and sometimes have brown, black, or white features. Their ears are long and they are generally used as pack animals..

11- Armadillo

They are unique mammals, as they live inside a shell made of bone that keeps them safe from predators.

This armor also protects you from hot and cold. They are native to Brazil, although it is possible to find them in other parts of the world.

12- Tuna

Large fish that can weigh more than 200 kg depending on the species. It is a very fast animal and is highly valued in the kitchen of most countries in the world..

13- Antelope

Hoofed mammal distributed in Africa, the Middle East, China and Central Asia according to the species. Some of the best known antelopes are the Arabian oryx, the common gazelle, the black antelope, the rockhopper or the wildebeest.

14- Wasp

Flying insect of the family of bees or bumblebees. It is yellow with black stripes and its greatest peculiarity is the stinger with which it stings its prey or possible threats..

15- Axolotl

Endemic amphibian of the Basin of Mexico. One of the most exotic animals on Earth that, unfortunately, is in danger of extinction due to the degradation of its habitat.


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