7 Animals of the Andean Region of Colombia

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The animals of the Andean region The most emblematic of Colombia are the condor of the Andes, the eagle of the páramo, the bear of cravings, the coati and the Andean tapir.

The three mountain ranges that make up the Andean region of Colombia have numerous natural ecosystems, valleys, plateaus and river systems that allow a variety of animal species to achieve an ideal habitat in this area..

Animals of the Andean region of Colombia

The diversity of Colombian fauna is so rich that that country is home to 60 percent of species such as birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals from all of South America..

Featured animals of the Andean region

Condor of the Andes

It is considered as the largest bird species in the world. Its length from tail to beak is 1.5 meters, and with its wings fully extended it reaches 3 meters..

They are cleaning or carrion birds, similar to zamuros. They have a diet based mainly on the consumption of meat from decomposing animals and can ingest between three and five kilograms daily..

In its appearance, a black plumage is observed with white details on the tips of its wings and at the base of its neck. Males are differentiated from females because they have a crest.

This great bird is so representative for the Andes and for Colombia that it appears represented in the shield of that country.

Wasteland eagle

Its habitat is found in the eastern and central zone of the Colombian Andes. It is a game bird and feeds on mice, reptiles, rabbits, small birds and sometimes also carrion..

They are 70 centimeters long and have black, gray and white fur, black bill and yellow legs..

They can generally be observed in pairs and differ because the female is larger..

Spectacled bear

It gets its name from its yellow and white fur spots around the eyes. It is also known as Oso Frontino, Ucumarí and Jucumarí.

This species is the only one of the so-called Ursids that remains in South America, but its population has been so reduced that it is almost extinct..

It has some physical features that resemble pandas, such as its black fur, the white markings on its eyes and its head that is larger than its body..

They are generally 1.5 meters long, but 2 meter specimens have been found..

The Coati

The Nasua nasua or Coatí is a carnivorous mammal that lives in the Colombian Andes but also in many areas of South and Central America.

Their fur is brown or black, with white rings on the tail. It has large claws, an elongated snout and small ears.

They measure 45 cm and weigh 3 kilograms. They tend to live in communities of up to twenty individuals to protect themselves from attacks by other predators.

Andean tapir

Also known as Danta, it is a small mammal 70 centimeters high and 200 kilograms. It is considered a fairly primitive animal and has distant ties to rhinos.

Its body is robust and has a thick black coat. Its elongated snout allows it to collect its food: leaves, roots and plants.


Also known as boruga, it is a large rodent of about 70-80 centimeters that stands out for the brown color of its thick skin. Of nocturnal habits, it is of nocturnal habits.


The Colibri coruscans It is a bird of only about 13 centimeters that stands out for its accelerated flapping and its robust beak. Its plumage intersperses greenish and blue colors and its weight is around 7 grams. It has the peculiarity that it can fly backwards.


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