How to act when addictions multiply

Abraham McLaughlin
How to act when addictions multiply

We tend to think that, in matters of addictions, we must attack the problem directly, not knowing that any disorder is derived from a series of causes.

Thus, addicts often go from one addiction to another (or simultaneously) without realizing that everything has a common origin. In fact, there is no addict who has just one addiction..

The addictive personality

We all have in our environment someone who we consider obsessive about any topic that interests them and who, in the worst case scenario, often has addictions. Have you ever wondered why there are people who follow this trend?

And it is that there really are no addictions, but addicts. This occurs because we all have different characteristics in our personality. Among them, there are some that lead directly to this type of attitudes, such as:

  • Impulsiveness and impatience.
  • Inability of self-control.
  • Low self esteem.
  • Low tolerance to frustration.

Therefore, anyone who meets this type of behavior can easily fall into some type of addiction or dependence such as alcohol, drugs, gambling ... even being complementary to each other. Thus, addictions are presented in many forms and ways, since the addict has to look for something with which to "anesthetize" reality and it will be achieved progressively, since no one becomes an addict overnight..

Online gambling, "trendy" addiction

Regarding this, a new trend that is currently being installed is especially significant (especially among adolescents, since the brain at these ages is more susceptible to addictions), such as online gambling and betting. The ease of use together with the multiple marketing tactics that use this type of service makes it easy for individuals with this type of personality to fall for it..

The American Psychiatric Association, in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (2014), was the one that introduced gambling disorder among the catalog of addictions, which "meant the recognition of so-called addictive behaviors" in which includes video game addiction.

And it is that so dangerous it is the addictions to substances like to certain activities. In fact, sometimes it is more complex to notice them, as well as to establish limits to avoid them.

The avoidance produced by this type of behavior usually takes the addict into a world from which he can try to escape on countless occasions and yet is not capable of doing so and even tends to relapse more strongly due to the frustration that it entails. Usually a limit moment has to be reached for the addict to become aware of the situation in which he finds himself. However, these relapses are part of the rehabilitation process, so it does not imply that they should be abandoned because they occur.

And it is that the problem, in most cases, is not established by the object that causes the addiction but by the relationship that we establish with it. Therefore, there are no easy or difficult addictions, but overcoming them always entails enormous difficulty, although it is not impossible..

Traits of people with multiple addictions

As we mentioned before, there are certain common characteristics in this type of people that we explain below:

Impulsivity: lack of stability and / or constant need for new experiences are often motivated by it.

Lack of concentration and inability to set objectives and goals: we are all experts in procrastinating, but these types of people are especially notable for starting many new activities, but not maintaining any over time, since they seek immediate gratification. They give up easily.

Anxiety and stress: By not having many emotional resources at their disposal, they do not usually express their emotions and when they cannot take it anymore, they explode. They continually destabilize before any setback.

Loneliness (both chosen and imposed): They find it difficult to relate to other people and when it happens, they look for some pretext to get away.

Self-esteem issues: Unable to communicate properly or with themselves, behavior changes occur frequently. Inability to understand their emotions and those transmitted to them by others.

In short, when you have a personality of this type there is great insecurity and a huge fear of failure..

If you find yourself in a situation of this type, the tools to use in this type of behavior are:

  • Take things easy.
  • Reflect before acting and build an emotional intelligence that allows you to face any type of situation.
  • Finally, if you do not feel capable of doing it alone, it is advisable that you ask for help from professionals.

In short, it is not only about fighting addiction when it has already arrived in our lives, but about using all the mechanisms that are within our reach to have a balanced mental health and prevent such harmful behaviors from occurring..

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