Imperative Verbs Definition and 81 Examples

Philip Kelley

The imperative verbs are the verbs that tell someone to do something. They are generally located at the beginning of sentences used to give orders. This class of verbs create imperative sentences, which are sentences that indicate orders, requests, wishes or commands.

Reading an imperative sentence will always sound like the speaker is commanding someone else. Verbs and imperative sentences leave no room for questions, doubts or discussions; are not questionable, even if the sentence has a kind tone.

Imperative sentences are created with the root of the verbs, without time morphemes. The imperative mode forms one of the four finite modes in the Spanish language. The other modes are the indicative, the subjunctive, and the conditional..

The imperative mood is said to be a defective mood; this indicates that it does not have shapes for all people and numbers.

As mentioned earlier, imperative verbs order others to do something. Most of the times they are at the beginning of imperative sentences in present and simple form (the base form of a verb).

Imperative verbs can be combined with the word no or the word please. Imperative verbs are not always placed at the beginning and if they are combined with these phrases, they remain imperative due to their nature..

Examples of sentences with imperative verbs

1- Bake a berry cake with strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.

two- Walk all over the sidewalk and go straight to the yellow building.

3- Write a 10-line paragraph for the class.

4- First, boils some water for coffee.

5- Speaks with Pedro and Sergio to find out what to do about it.

6- Goes up the volume of the radio, please.

7- Move the furniture a little further back.

8- Strip garbage when leaving the house.

9- Clean the bathroom completely in the morning.

10- No park under the bridge.

eleven- Bring bread when you leave work.

12- Close the door very well and put the key.

13-Dance with impetus!

14- Comes back to the house before ten at night.

15- No talk more on the topic.

16- Come to see me tomorrow morning.

17- Pinta the wall with a vertical technique.

18- I don't know worry.

19- Take your breakfast every morning before leaving home.

twenty- Untangles completely your hair before you start.

twenty-one- Order the room perfectly.

22- Believe in my statements; I beg your.

23- No I touched in the place where the electrical outlet is!

24- Baby three liters of pure water a day.

25- Then, serve milk in coffee.

26- Shut up when the priest speaks.

27- No you smoke inside the plane.

28- to love to each other.

29- Sight the brown trees found in the garden.

30- Play with the wooden trains.

31- Bathes to the dog as it is dirty.

32- Wow straight and then turn on the left.

33- Try run as fast as you can.

3. 4- Respect to older adults.

35- No touches nothing in the kitchen.

36- Find the glass that is on the glass table.

37- Hit the mallet as strong as possible.

38- Please out to the street to find out the reason for the event.

39- Opens the window to your left.

40- Place the orange juice in the jug.

41- Finally, mix coffee with a little sugar.

42- Wheel the metal ball down the center of the lane.

43- Scrub the dishes that are in the kitchen.

44- Please, read the book they sent to class.

Four. Five- Listens sincerely the teacher's announcements.

46- Dresses in black so I can go to the funeral.

47- Short the plants in the yard before night.

48- Salt to the patio when it rains.

49- Go on the address they wrote on the paper.

50- No drink of well water.

51- Think very well what are you going to do.

52- Awake your brother from his nap.

53- do the task that you were assigned yesterday.

54- Must to select the correct size of rubber gloves.

55- Works too hard so you can go further.

56- Heats up the food in the oven as soon as you get home.

57- Not put your health and well-being at risk.

58- Uses the website to do the research.

59- Sleep right now.

60- never say their true blueprints.

61- Swing books on his head when walking.

62- Crush very strong to the insect with your shoe.

63- Be kind to all your neighbors.

64- Enjoy from the movie at the cinema.

65- Relax your legs before you get tested.

66- Make the exercises according to the directions, please.

67- Incorporate more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

68- Please, bring back the equipment as soon as you finish using them.

69- Place the golf ball as close to the hole as possible.

70- Try to stay within the indicated limits of heat.

71- No contemplate in direct direction to the sun.

72- Learn to swim as early as possible.

73- Remember carry the implements hidden inside the bags.

74- Wash your hair gently with the shampoo and conditioner.

75- I beg you remove her stockings when entering the house.

76- Bet what you want.

77- No walk in the direction of cars.

78- Sings with the most beautiful voice you can.

79- Starts the project as soon as possible.

80- Eat all the food that is served on the plate.

81- Smile every morning upon waking.


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